By Heather Ensworth

Today, on July 20, 2020, we begin a new lunar cycle with the New Moon at 28 degrees of Cancer (in the tropical zodiac).  The meaning of this degree in the Sabian symbols (for each degree of the zodiac) is about weighing alternatives, making choices.  
What we choose and whether that decision is in alignment with our hearts and souls or coming from ego, fear or from old thought patterns will determine who we become.  
It is particularly profound that this New Moon is in opposition to the powerful combination of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn.  For months, these planets have been guiding us to change our patterns of the past and move into new paradigms that are more in alignment with the energies of the Aquarian Age — justice, compassion, acceptance of diversity, collaboration and community. 
Individually, we are being called to let go of patterns that are out of balance or self-destructive. And collectively, these energies are breaking down the corrupt, unjust, destructive and exploitative systems of our world to help us form new ways of being that are more compassionate, equitable, just and more in harmony with the Earth. 
We are all feeling the turbulence and polarization in this time of transition and transformation. We are all weighing choices. We are not in a time of “business as usual” but realize that our world as we have known it is forever changed.  Allow this powerful new Moon to guide you in how you respond and in how you weigh your alternatives and make your choices about your own new direction. 
At this new Moon time, take time to meditate about this transition time in your own life. What are you needing to let go of? In what ways are you out of balance? What choices to do you feel you are being called to make?  
Let your heart and intuition guide you to listen to what is truly in alignment with your soul self. Be careful not to stay in the familiar patterns of the past or to make choices out of obligation, others’ expectations of you or out of your own insecurities or fears. 
I am continually amazed by the synchronicities of the movements in the sky and how they guide us here on Earth. “As above, so below.” As we move into this new lunar cycle and for the next few weeks, a newly discovered comet is visible to all of us here in the northern hemisphere.  The “Neowise” comet was discovered on March 27, 2020 by the NEOWISE mission of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer space telescope.  It is highly significant that the timing of this comet’s discovery was close to the timing of Jupiter’s first conjunction this year with Pluto in Capricorn, signaling a time of opening to new possibilities and shifting into new paradigms.  
from earthsky.org
Movement of Neowise comet – image from earthsky.org

The comet is now visible to us here in the northern hemisphere for the next few weeks and is in the sky about an hour after sunset and can be seen below the stars of the Big Dipper.  This comet will not be seen again for another 6,800 years!

As the comet moves retrograde in the sky, it is moving in a line beneath these powerful stars of the Big Dipper that are part of the Ursa Major constellation.  
The Big Dipper points to the north star, Polaris, the star that guides our navigation and is seen as the still point in the sky.  So, as Neowise calls our attention to the Big Dipper, it is guiding us to align with Source, to be making our decisions in this time from our center, from our alignment with our true selves, with our soul selves.  The Big Dipper has seven stars and as part of the Ursa Major constellation has had profound spiritual meaning in ancient cultures.  
It is thought that these stars of the Big Dipper and of Ursa Major, the Great Bear, reflect the seven vibratory rays of light of creation that also relate to the seven sacred sounds or musical notes of creation.  
Neowise is guiding us to listen to the harmony of the spheres and to open to the healing and sacred energies of creation and evolution that are guiding us in this profound time of transformation. 
If we let go of our egos and our efforts to control our lives with our minds, and we open our hearts and our souls to these energies, we are being supported in healing, transforming and moving into radically new ways of being — individually and collectively. 
As we move into the time of the full Moon, the Full Moon is now in the sign of Aquarius at 11 degrees.  The meaning of this degree in the Sabian symbols is about being on a path of spiritual evolution and growth. In the sign of Aquarius, it is about our gaining more clarity and guidance as to how we are to make choices that move us more fully into these new paradigms of the Aquarian age. 
This Full Moon is squaring Uranus, guiding us to have clarity now about our choices and to have the courage to make radical shifts.  This Full Moon comes at the time of the powerful transit of Mars squaring Pluto, a time of decision and of action, calling us to align our personal wills with divine will, with the wisdom of Cosmic Consciousness.  If we have done the important work of reflection and of weighing our alternatives and listening to what is in alignment with Cosmic Consciousness and our inner guidance, we are now able to step out and manifest these choices. 
As you work with the powerful energies of this lunar cycle, here are some important ways to attune to what is in alignment with your soul self and in alignment with these energies guiding us in this time as you make your choices:
 Does this decision enliven and empower you or drain and deplete you?
– Does this choice help you to feel more in balance and more in harmony with your true self and with others and in right relationship with the natural environment where you live?
– If this action or choice was a song, does it resonate with the song of your heart and soul?  Does it feel in harmony with the music of the spheres or does it feel “discordant” or “out of tune”?  
– Are the energies and fruits of this choice about evolution, growth, increasing consciousness and compassion or are they about repeating old patterns, leaving you feeling constricted? 
– Is this choice harmful to yourself, to others or to the Earth or does it move you in a direction that is healing, transformational and creative?
Each day now, we have choices to make as to how we live our lives. We choose the actions that we take and the decisions that we make.  These daily choices will shape who we each are becoming and will shape the world that together we co-create. 
May we listen to the songs of the planets and stars and be in harmony with the music of the spheres.  Blessed be. 

— Sky Watch for this Month —

Mercury– is visible just above the western horizon after sunset 
Venus – is an evening star and is visible low in the western sky after sunset until May 26th when she disappears from view
Mars– is visible in the morning high in the eastern sky before sunrise
Jupiter– is visible in the sky before midnight until dawn
Saturn – is visible in the sky during most of the night and is close to Jupiter