By Heather Ensworth

On April 22nd, we begin a new lunar cycle with the Sun and Moon conjunct Uranus and with Mercury close by in the stars of Pisces.  The Sun and Moon are in the“sacred knot” near the star Al Risha where the cords come together that hold the tails of the two fish of Pisces that are swimming in different directions. One fish swims along the ecliptic while the other swims upwards in the sky.  The weaving together of these cords at the “knot” represents the integration of our physical and spiritual natures as well as the coming together of different perspectives and points of view.  This is unity in the midst of diversity. 
We live right now in a fragmented world.  As half of the world remains in quarantine because of the pandemic, we are seeing how this crisis can bring us together or tear us apart.  Around the world, we are seeing acts of compassion, selflessness and an increasing sense of care and commitment to our neighbors and local community. And at the same time, we see the proliferation of drama fostered by the media and various ideas and fears running rampant on the internet. What are we to think?  What are we to feel in the midst of this bombardment of theories, opinions, reactions and emotions?  
At the time of the New Moon, Mercury is close by the Sun and Moon.  Mercury represents our minds and how we think and see the world. Uranus is in close conjunction with the Sun and Moon. Uranus is considered to be the higher octave of Mercury. Rather than being about your thoughts and ideas at the human level, Uranus calls us into connection with divine or cosmic consciousness. It is the planet that represents the energy of lightning, of flashes of insight and clarity.  It is associated with spiritual consciousness and with the third eye.  
We are being called to release ourselves from the cacophony of confusion in our world and the swirling thoughts in our minds to open to our connection with the wisdom of the cosmos.  Instead of being polarized and caught in anger, fear or despair at the competing and conflicting views and thoughts that surround us, we are called to align with Uranus, that first planet beyond the threshold of our visible reality that calls us to move beyond our minds and into seeing life from the eyes of the soul.  
As we move into the time of the Full Moon, the Sun and Mercury now lie in the part of the sky between the constellation of Perseus and the stars of Cetus the whale.  This part of the sky symbolizes the conflict between the ego and the wisdom of the deep, between the part of us seeking a sense of certainty and control and the part of us that honors the realm of mystery and of not knowing with the mind but trusting with the heart and soul.  How do we hold this tension and weave together our minds and hearts, the mortality of our human selves and the infinity of our souls? How do we honor our struggles and strife in this earthly realm and the realization that this is all a part of our spiritual evolution — individually and collectively.
The Full Moon is now in the stars of Libra, at the fulcrum of the balance holding thescales. This again represents the synthesis of diversity, the unity of what is separate, the ability to find balance and harmony in the midst of crisis and chaos. The Full Moon is guiding us to find that place of stillness, that calm in the eye of the storm. This is the place where we step out of the storminess of our thoughts, fears, struggles and polarization and remember that we are infinite beings having an earthly experience in order to grow in love and in wisdom.  We are being guided to remember that we are held by energies larger than ourselves and that we are surrounded by the compassion and consciousness of the cosmos that is guiding us all to move into higher levels of consciousness, to remember who we truly are. 
In the midst of this intense time of transition, tension, fragmentation and polarization, we need to remember and honor our complexity, diversity and unity.  We are all part of the human family on this precious planet.  When we live from our hearts and not from our minds, we come into balance and are centered in compassion. We then remember that we are indeed all one human family on this beautiful planet. 
Note:  This newsletter is written from the perspective of visual astrology, which is looking at the precise location of the planets in the stars.  I weave together both visual astrology and the tropical zodiac astrology (which is more Earth-based and related to our seasonal cycles) in my work. 

— Sky Watch for this Month —

Mercury– is visible in the morning sky just before sunrise
Venus – is an evening star and is visible low in the western sky after sunset 
Mars– is visible in the morning high in the eastern sky before sunrise
Jupiter– is visible in the eastern sky close to Mars before sunrise
Saturn – is visible in the east before sunrise and is also close to Jupiter and Mars