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by Heather Ensworth

“That which is sacred can not be harmed”
“The World Tree is burning”
These words and this image were shared with me recently by a mystic that I  know and respect. They are also written in the stars and in the messages from ancient cultures and indigenous people who have carved these messages in their stone monuments and passed them down through the generations in their stories and prophesies.  
We all feel the intensity of these times.  All of us who are sensitive and aware feel how destructive the energies are in the world right now.  In ancient mythologies, the World Tree was the stabilizing alignment of the Earth with the sky, keeping all of life intact. Ancient myths and prophecies speak of how the World Tree is uprooted or destroyed during the shifts between Ages —  as we are in now.  How many of us feel that the World Tree has been shaken and is burning now….  All around us, we experience the anxiety and fear of people around the world as the systems and structures that seemed to be secure and holding us all intact are now falling apart.  
How are you navigating these turbulent times?  Do you feel unsettled… anxious… depressed?  These are normal responses to the intense energies of this time.   How do we hold the energy of hope and faith in this storm?  What messages do the planets give us in this time?  What are the energies of this lunar cycle?
Our New Moon is in the sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is the energy of the New Age that we are moving into.  The energies of this New Age are about equality, mutual respect, openness to diversity and being in right relationship with the Earth, with each other and with all of life.  Yet what we witness in the world right now is increasing inequality, abuse of power, arrogance, greed, violence, war and the destruction of our environment.  These are manifestations of the shadow side of humanity and the energy of a backlash against the new paradigms that we are moving into.  
We are at a choice point.  We can move into these new ways of being or we can continue on a path of self-destruction.  
The Earth herself is in a time of transition and transformation.  We humans are doing incredible damage to the Earth and to the life on this planet.  Yet the Earth is strong, and she will endure.  However, if we do not come back into right relationship with her, she will free herself of us, releasing us as the destructive parasites that we have become.  
It is time for us to wake up.
Uranus is the Awakener.  This planet shatters illusions, calling us into clarity and truth.  This is the energy of lightning and of destruction, tearing down forms and structures that are abusing power or out of balance.  
From December 2016 through most of 2017, Uranus will be opposite Jupiter in the sky.  Uranus is calling us to wake up, and Jupiter is guiding us into new ways of seeing and being.  In the sign of Libra, Jupiter is helping us to feel held in faith and in hope, knowing that there is a deeper meaning to the turbulence of these times.  
Libra is the sign associated with the energy of the goddess Maat, who represents living in truth and in right relationship with all that is.  In ancient Egypt, the leaders, priests and judges of that time would paint or tattoo an image of an ostrich feather on their tongues or on their bodies to keep them in alignment with the energy of balance, truth and harmony with all that is.  We need to imprint this archetypal energy in our lives now.  
The ancient prophesies describe this time as a time when we and the Earth are being called into a clearing, healing and transformational process leading into new ways of being.  Many of the prophesies speak of this time as a time when fire will cleanse the Earth.  As we work with the energies of this time, we can allow that fire to be the cleansing and clarifying fire of Uranus, helping us to wake up, to let go of our destructive paradigms and systems and behaviors — or we can foster the fire of destruction, leading the Earth eventually to reset, cleansing herself and releasing us.
“That which is sacred can not be harmed.”  
The Earth is sacred and will endure.  While our bodies can die, our consciousness lives on.  We are being guided to grow in love and wisdom.  It is time now for us each to take personal responsibility for how we awaken.  It is time to let go of illusions and open to faith and love.  Each day that we live from the heart and act with love and respect for ourselves,  each other, and the natural environment — we create the new paradigm and increase the vibration of ourselves and the planet.  If we act from anger, greed, hatred or fear, we are stepping further into the shadow side of our collective consciousness and increasing the turbulence of these times.  We can not count on our leaders to guide us through this journey.  All too often, they are the fostering chaos and destruction.  It is up to each one of us.  The more that we each act in faith and foster this sacred energy of love and harmony, we build that energy in the collective consciousness.  Whatever our choices, the energies of the Earth and sky and cosmos are guiding us through this transformational process into a cleansing and rebirth.  
February 1st is the ancient sacred holiday of Imbolc.  This is a time of divination, of seeking guidance about our lives and about the upcoming year.  Take this time to tune in to your inner guides, to do divination and to gain insights about what you need to release in your life and what you are meant to put your energy into as you move forward in this year.
The Full Moon on February 10th is in Leo and will be near the star of Regulus, the  heart of the Lion. We are being guided to let go of old forms and ways of being, to open to faith and to trust that we are in a profound time of transition and transformation and to live with courage and from the heart.   We are moving from what is known into the unknown.  We need to hold on to faith as we feel as if we are walking through the mists of mystery.  

This Full Moon will be a penumbral lunar eclipse when the Moon darkens as she moves through the shadow of the Earth.  We will see our own shadows reflected back to us.  The Moon is showing us that we can choose to live from our shadow selves or choose clarity and light and love.

Let us each choose to live from our hearts, being guided by the energy of Uranus and Jupiter to live in truth with faith.  
It is time to wake up. 

— Sky Watch for this Month —

  • Mercury — is visible low on the eastern horizon before sunrise
  • Venus — is an evening star, visible in the western sky after sunset
  • Mars — is in the western sky after sunset and is close to Venus
  • Jupiter — is visible in the eastern sky later in the night before sunrise and is near the bright star Spica
  • Saturn — is visible in the morning sky shortly before sunrise and continues to be in the constellation of Ophiuchus