By Heather Ensworth

On February 23rd, we begin a new lunar cycle with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune all in the stars of Aquarius in the sky.* Aquarius is the Water-Bearer pouring the jar of the living waters of wisdom towards the Earth.  We are entering into the Age of Aquarius, which means that the archetypal energies of these stars will inform our human consciousness during the next few thousand years. The archetypal energy of Aquarius is about letting go of arrogance, individuation and separation and coming back into collaborative and compassionate community with each other and with the Earth and sky.
Aquarius is associated with the ancient Sumerian Goddess Gula, goddessof healing.  She is the one who can restore life and who waters the world tree that holds the world in balance.  She arises from an even more ancient goddess Bau whose name means “Space” and who is the goddess of light, the sky and of fertility. These goddesses help us to heal, to reconnect with the Earth and sky and to remember the wisdom of balance and harmony with all that is. 
The stars of Aquarius are also connected with the Epic of Gilgamesh from ancient Sumer. Gilgamesh, the warrior and urban-king who was arrogant and acting in cruel ways with his people was brought into balance through developing a friendship with Enkidu, a man of the wilderness who lived in harmony with nature and with animals. Through his friendship with Enkidu, Gilgamesh let go of his arrogance, his sense of self-importance and remembered the wisdom of being in right relationship with others and in balance with the natural world. This story speaks to our need to no longer disconnect from the part of us that is in tune with nature and remembers the rhythms and cycles of the Earth and sky.  It is when we disconnect from nature and define ourselves as separate from others that we are vulnerable to becoming abusive with each other and with the Earth. 
Gilgamesh was transformed by his friendship with Enkidu, and the two became inseparable and engaged in many adventures together. After losing his friend to illness, Gilgamesh was overcome with grief and went in search of the herb of immortality.  His quest led him to descend to the underworld to find Utnapishtim, the keeper of the herb of immortality. Utnapishtim is the more ancient version of the Biblical Noah. Utnapishtim, when he had lived on the Earth, had been guided in a dream to build an ark and to provide safety for his family, for animals and for the seeds of plants in order to survive a great flood that was going to come to destroy the Earth.
The Earth goes through this type of transition and transformation every 12,000 years at the end of a precessional cycle and midpoint. We are in one of those transition times now. (My latest youtube video discusses this cycle:  “Shifting Consciousness, Earth Changes — Choice Point”). Utnapishtim honored the guidance that he had been given and built the ark. He survived the devastating flood and helped restore life on the planet with the animals and plants that he had kept in safety on his boat. He was then rewarded by the gods with immortality. The constellation of Aquarius is associated with Utnapishtim whose name means “he who saw life” or “he who found life.” 
In this time of global turmoil, many of us feel the intensity of how we are living on the threshold of destruction on our beautiful planet.  It is hard not to become overwhelmed with fear, anger or despair as we witness the perilous state that we are in and how so many, especially those in positions of power, in their arrogance, continue to ravage the planet. We humans are raping and violating our Mother Earth, and the ancient prophecies speak of the powerful energies from space that may come to heal and restore our planet to balance through the cleansing energies of fire or water that will destroy most of the life on the planet but allow our Earth to reset. Only those of us who, like Utnapishtim, listen to the wisdom of the cosmos and remember that we are but a strand in the web of life will live and transform with the Earth.
So in this time of crisis, what are we to do?  As this new Moon lies in the


stars of Aquarius in the outflowing of the living water being poured by the Water Bearer, we are being reminded that we are not alone in this process.  Like Utnapishtim, we are called to listen to the wisdom of the stars and guard and protect the life forms around us.  

Do you honor the animals and plants that live in your care or reside in your area?  Do you hold them in respect and live in harmony and right relationship with them?  Do you hold your home and the land where you live as an ark, a sacred sanctuary?  We can’t change others or change the world, but we can each choose to listen to the wisdom of the stars and honor the Earth and live in right relationship with all of life.
How is it that we can sip of these living waters of wisdom and be part of the restorative energy on this planet?  The key is that we need to heal.  When we don’t heal from our wounds or the trauma in our past, we tend to re-enact the painful patterns on ourselves or others. Collectively, we repeat the trauma of war and destruction on each other in an endless cycle of violence. It is time to heal. If enough of us heal, then we can reweave the energy of balance and harmony on the planet and shift the consciousness of the world.  Aquarius reminds us of this and calls us to heal and come back into balance.  We need to step out of our arrogance and sense of separation and stop the abuse of power and come back into relationship with the natural world around us just as Gilgamesh was balanced by joining in relationship with the energies of nature embodied in his friend Enkidu.
May we come together to sip of the waters of wisdom and to remember our place in the cosmos. Let us join together in compassionate community and reweave our relationships with the beings of life around us, the plants and animals, that have never forgotten their places in the web of life.  
Our full Moon on March 9th is a super moon, meaning that the Moon is at its closest to the Earth so it appears larger and more luminous than usual.  This beautiful full Moon will be in the sky between the constellations of Leo and Virgo. Leo guides us to live from our hearts with courage, and Virgo represents the energy of the Harvest Goddess who nurtures and restores life here on Earth.  As we take in the wisdom of the waters of the new Moon, we can heal and open our hearts to become part of the nurturing and healing energy on this planet.  We remember that we are not alone in this but are with Mother Earth in her time of transformation and are being guided by the energies of the stars and cosmic consciousness.  
The Earth will ultimately heal and be restored.  It is up to us whether we hear the call of the Earth and stars and wake up and join in that process or stay in arrogance and unconsciousness and continue on a path of disconnection and destruction.  
May we each listen to the Earth and sky and drink of the waters of immortality.  May we then build our own ark of remembrance and right relationship wherever we are and come back into balance and harmony with all that is.  Then, together, we may reweave a healing web within the global human consciousness to uplift us all and allow us to heal with the Earth and move into a golden age of true love and wisdom.


— Sky Watch for this Month —

Mercury– has moved under the beams of the Sun and is invisible
Venus – is an evening star and is visible after sunset in the western sky
Mars– is visible in the morning in the eastern sky before sunrise
Jupiter– is invisible at the beginning of this lunar cycle and then begins to emerge from the Sun in the morning sky by the time of the Full Moon
Saturn – is visible low in the western sky after sunset and then disappears under the beams of the Sun by the time of the Full Moon