LUNAR CYCLE – September – October 2020

By Heather Ensworth

These are stormy times. We mourn as we see the west coast of the United States in flames and watch as a hurricane moves toward the northern Gulf coast.  Increasingly more and more, we are seeing the impact of climate change and of own destructive choices in damaging our Earth and atmosphere. We feel concerned by the ongoing effects of the pandemic around the world.  We feel the dangerousness of the increasing polarization between people and distortions of truth around the globe. The crises feel overwhelming and beyond our control. What are we to do?  This lunar cycle offers us guidance. 
The new Moon on September 17th is in Virgo, the constellation that is the image of the Harvest Goddess.  Virgo is associated with our connection with the Earth and our ability to live with discernment and to know what choices are nurturing and healthy for humanity and for our planet. The new Moon is opposite Neptune, guiding us to dissolve our egos and to open to our awareness that we are part of the oneness of all that is. Neptune can open our hearts to seeing ourselves and our world through the eyes of compassion and being guided by our intuition and deeper spiritual knowing. 
However, if we are not working with these energies consciously, we may get pulled into the shadow side of Neptune. Then, we may feel overwhelmed with anxiety, confusion and uncertainty. We may then get caught up in projections or illusions or seek refuge in addictions or escapism.  To work with the gifts of Neptune, we need to be willing to let go of our attachment to our egos, and to our need for certainty and our identification with ourselves as separate from others. Neptune is the great dissolver. 
When we listen to the deeper wisdom of Neptune which allows us to feel our interconnectedness, then we are able to break open into compassion, intuition and heightened states of spirituality and creativity. If we resist the currents of Neptune, then we become caught in emotional storminess, confusion and may seek security in illusions that offer us a false sense of certainty.
This powerful new Moon is part of a grand square with Neptune, the Moon and Sun also squaring the lunar nodes. This means that this is a karmic moment, a choice point. What path will we take?  Will we open our hearts and remember our oneness?  Will we align with the wisdom of the cosmos and remember our interconnectedness with each other and with the Earth? Or will we get caught up in the storminess of this time and the shifting winds of illusion, distortion and delusion and feel more and more frightened and victimized by the chaos around us? 
The guidance of this lunar cycle is to remember our connection with Source. To allow ourselves to listen to our inner knowing and the guidance available to us from the cosmos and to remember that we are part of all that is and a part of infinity. Then, we can feel how we are held in the love and compassion of the cosmos and the beauty of living in harmony and balance with all of life. 
The full Moon arrives on October 1st with the full Moon in the sign of Aries opposite the Sun in Libra.  Libra is the energy of balance, of being in harmony with all that is. Aries is the energy of new beginnings, and the full Moon is next to Chiron, guiding us to move in directions that are healing for ourselves and for others. 
This is a very Neptunian time in that Neptune will be squaring the lunar nodes across the next several months until March 2021 (See my youtube video on this.) The world as we have known it has dissolved.  The forms and structures of our world that we relied on for a sense of security have all been disrupted and deconstructed. In the chaos and confusion, this is an opportunity for heightened creativity and compassion. We have the chance to move into a higher level of consciousness and awareness of our being part of a global community which is part of an intergalactic community. If we let the old ways dissolve, we are being guided to co-create a new world together that is more in balance, more compassionate and more in harmony with all that is. 
The choice is ours. May we allow our egos to dissolve in the energies of Neptune and open our hearts to live with compassion, expand our awareness to move into a higher state of consciousness and reweave a world based on truth, love and unity.

— Sky Watch for this Month —

Mercury– is barely visible low in the western sky after sunset
Venus – is a morning star and is visible in the eastern sky before sunrise
Mars– is visible low in the western sky before sunrise as it moves into opposition with the Sun
Jupiter– rises in the eastern sky as the Sun sets in the west and is visible much of the night
Saturn – is close to Jupiter and continues to rise higher in the sky after sunset during this lunar cycle