Heather Ensworth has  been doing shamanic work for over 25 years.  She has done many different shamanic trainings including work with various teachers, healers and indigenous shamans. From the shamanic perspective, there are four primary levels of reality:  the physical, the mental and emotional, the mythic (realm of ceremony, story and ritual) and the energetic/spiritual.  When we work or heal at the energetic level, it in turn affects all of the other levels.  Shamanism focuses on working at the mythic and energetic/spiritual levels.

This training program is for those who are on a spiritual path and for those who may want to do this program for their own process as well as for those who want to incorporate shamanic work in their healing practices.  In that we are in a profound time of transformation globally, this program will also focus on practices for moving into new forms of consciousness and on practices to move into right relationship with the Earth and on how to help heal and balance the Earth energies as the planet is also in a time of profound transformation.

 Introduction to Shamanic Healing Practices:

In this time of transition and transformation individually and collectively, we are called to move into enlightenment in an embodied way.  To do this, we need to step into our wholeness spiritually, emotionally, physically and energetically and align with the Spirit in all of life.  We will be working with ancient shamanic healing practices from indigenous cultures including an ancient Toltec practice of healing with the energy of the Pleiades that only recently has been brought forth for us to use.
In this class, we will learn core shamanic healing practices including: 
* shamanic journeying for guidance
* clearing and balancing the chakras
* energy cord cutting and releasing the past and karmic blocks
* soul retrieval (to restore and reintegrate lost parts of ourselves)
* how to stay centered and aligned with Spirit, with the Earth and sky
* ways to heal ourselves, others and the Earth
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