Your birth chart shows you the energy patterns at the time of your birth that shape core themes in your life. Through understanding your birth chart, you gain greater insight into who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, your life’s purpose and what you are here to learn for your soul’s evolution.  The birth chart is able to give you information about all aspects of your life and how to be who you uniquely are.

Our lives are not determined by the planets and the stars but are shaped by the energies of the Universe at the moment of our birth. In coming back into relationship with the wisdom of the Cosmos as it is revealed in the movements of the planets, we realize that we are not alone and that there is profound guidance available to us.

Readings are done in person or long-distance by zoom, skype or phone.  I will email you the charts a day before the reading and a recording of the session afterwards.  

To schedule a reading, please contact Heather at or 978-468-2021


Available Consultations:

Astrology Readings

Includes the charts and recording of the session:

90 minute session (birth chart, current transits and progressed chart) – $240

60 minute session (birth chart, current major transits) – $180

Synastry &
Composite Charts  

Looking at relationship dynamics.

90 minute session — $295




Birth Chart Analysis

Birth chart only (for charts for infants or children)

60 minutes – $160





Listen to an edited version of one of my astrology readings done by musician, educator and holistic health coach  Jill Stella with background music from her husband Tom Richards —

An Interview with Bob Olson

Here is a recorded interview with Bob Olson, the author of ”The Blueprint of Your Soul’s Purpose”.


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