Therapy is a process of healing and coming into wholeness. It is not about addressing symptoms but about honoring the essence of who you are, healing past emotional wounds and moving into greater awareness and into the fullness of who you are.

Heather Ensworth has over 30 years of clinical experience with indepth training in psychodynamic therapy, attachment theory, treatment of trauma and personality dynamics as well as other therapeutic modalities. In her current therapy practice, she utilizes astrology, an understanding of archetypes and mythology as well as shamanic (energy) healing practices to deepen and accelerate the healing process.  In the context of the therapeutic relationship, you will be guided into seeing who you are more fully, healing and regaining the lost parts of yourself and deepening your connection with your witness self and with the wisdom and guidance of the cosmos available to us all. 


Please note:  As of August 1, 2020, I am unable to take on any new ongoing therapy clients. 

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