Opening to New Possibilities


By Heather Ensworth

As we begin this new lunar cycle on January 24th, we are all feeling the powerful planetary energies in the sign of Capricorn as Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn join together.  For over a year, Pluto and Saturn have been conjunct, guiding us to reflect on the patterns in our lives individually and collectively that we need to let go of.  Whatever patterns in our lives that have been unhealthy, destructive or not in alignment with our deeper selves are those that we are meant to shed.  
Jupiter is now coming into connection with Pluto and Saturn.  It will be moving close to these other planets this month and will be in exact conjunction with Pluto in April 2020. Jupiter is supporting us in seeing the possibilities for new ways of being and for moving into new patterns that are more healthy and more in balance.  
But how do we do this?  This lunar cycle guides us in this transition.  The Sun and New Moon are in the sign of Aquarius.  They are the midpoint of a square between Venus and Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius. Venus and Neptune are calling us to hold ourselves and others in compassion. This is the energy of acceptance, of love and of seeing the best in ourselves and in others. Mars is guiding us to act in hope and in faith, in alignment with Source and with our spiritualunderstanding of the interconnectedness of all of life on the planet.
Uranus is also in a strong aspect to this New Moon and the Sun.  This is supporting us in breaking free from the old patterns and gaining more clarity about the choices that we are making and how we are structuring our lives.  
During this lunar cycle, Chiron is squaring the lunar nodes.  This means that we are at a karmic moment, a decision point. Are we acting in ways that are healing, or are we continuing to live in ways that are out of balance and harmful?  Take time at the New Moon to reflect on the patterns that you are releasing in your life and to open to the new ways of being that Jupiter, Uranus and Chiron are guiding you into. Remember that the way that you can be clear about the new patterns that are in balance is that they will come from compassion, be aligned with Source and with your true self and will be healing for yourself, for others and for the Earth.  
Here are some other guidelines for discerning what patterns need to be released and what new ways of being we are being supported in moving into:
Attitudes, actions and patterns to be released — those characterized by:
– abuse of power
– corruption
– injustice
– coming from a place of ego
– striving for personal gain at the expense of others or the Earth
– being out of alignment with your true self
– harming yourself, others or the natural environment
– living from fear or reactivity
– divisiveness
– not honoring your deeper feelings, needs and gifts
Attitudes, actions and patterns that we are meant to move into – those characterized by:
– love and compassion for ourselves and others 
– justice, fairness
– mutuality – realizing that we are all interconnected
– honoring truth and alignment with Source
– living in balance and harmony
– valuing diversity
– living in gratitude
– honoring Mother Earth
– honoring all that we feel and being compassionate with others
– living from our true selves, our soul selves
As we move into the time of the Full Moon on February 9th, the Full Moon is now in the sign of Leo. We are being guided to live from the heart with courage (and not from our minds or from fear, despair or reactivity). The aspects to this Full Moon are supporting us in listening to our intuition and in acting from a sense of faith and hope that together, we can co-create a more just and loving world.
Allow this month to be a time of healing for you on all levels — physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Honor what is nurturing for you. Continue to release patterns that are harmful to you, to others or to the Earth. Open to the support from Jupiter to open to new possibilities and to have faith that we can move through this turbulent time into new ways of being individually and collectively.  As we work with these powerful planetary energies, they are supporting us in moving more fully into the Aquarian Age and into living in balance, in compassion, in acceptance of diversity and into honoring what is just and true and in right relationship with all that is.

— Sky Watch for this Month —

Mercury– has moved under the beams of the Sun and is invisible
Venus – is an evening star and is visible after sunset in the western sky
Mars– is visible in the morning in the eastern sky before sunrise
Jupiter– is invisible at the beginning of this lunar cycle and then begins to emerge from the Sun in the morning sky by the time of the Full Moon
Saturn – is visible low in the western sky after sunset and then disappears under the beams of the Sun by the time of the Full Moon