By Heather Ensworth

We are more powerful than we realize. We are beings of light and love with the capacity together to co-create a new reality. We are in a time of profound transformation as we move into a new Age and are being bathed in energies from the Galactic Center. Our Earth is being called into a profound time of rebirth. The chaos and turbulence that we are experiencing globally is part of the transition from our old paradigms as we move toward the emergence of new forms. The energies of this lunar cycle can guide us in trusting in this process of transformation that we are in personally and collectively.

This lunar cycle and the next one are emanating the energy of the sign Leo, the Lion. On July 23 (5:45 am EDT), we enter a new lunar cycle with the Sun moving into the first degree of Leo in the tropical zodiac. The Full Moon on August 7th is at 15 degrees of Leo. We move into the next lunar cycle on August 21st with a powerful full solar eclipse at 28 degrees of Leo, right next to the star Regulus, the heart of the Lion. (I will give more information about this powerful solar eclipse in the next few weeks. This will be the first solar eclipse to pass over the US in this century. The next one will be in 2024.)

We are in a dance with Leo and with the archetypal energy of the Lion.

Since ancient times, the Lion symbolizes strength, courage, living from the heart, radiating light and creative energy. This sign of the zodiac is associated with the energy of the Sun and the ways in which we carry that celestial light and let it flow through us.

As you begin this lunar cycle, take time to meditate and honor the energies of the Sun and of the new Moon. Let the energy of the Sun fill you, heal you and strengthen your inner light. We are each beings of light emanating our own uniqueness with the capacity to allow the creative energy of the cosmos to manifest through us. Honor the New Moon and allow her growing form across the lunar cycle to mirror your own process of stepping more and more fully into the light of who you are and who you are meant to be.

Across this lunar cycle, Mars is next to the Sun and is not visible in the sky. This is the time in Mars’ orbit that it reunites with the Sun after its journey around the sky. This is when Mars is bathed in the light of the Sun and reminded that its energy and light are from that Source. This is the time when we can remember that we are never separate from Source.

We can allow our decisions, our actions and our ways of being to be in alignment with Source, with Spirit, and to be an expression of that divine light.

Like Mars, we venture forth and incarnate on Earth and experience our unique expression of creation, and then we eventually return to reunite with Source. When we hold that knowing, we can live out the uniqueness of who we are without fear and remember that we are always held in that cosmic light and love. We then can live with joy.

To be in this dance with Leo is to:

Live from the heart – All too often we make our decisions from our minds. Our actions are shaped by the memories of the past, the stories that we tell ourselves about our lives or our hopes or fears about the future. Leo reminds us to live from the heart and not from the mind. When we live from the heart, we stay in the present moment. We celebrate the light within us and hold ourselves and others with compassion. We let go of judgment and realize that we are all expressions of divine light.

Let your light shine – Just as our fingerprints and birth charts are unique, the fire and light that we each carry is particular to who we each are. We each carry the spark of the energy of the Sun and of creation within us. Instead of being caught in fear or striving to fit in or not stand out, we need to honor our uniqueness and the creativity that we carry that we are meant to manifest in the world.

Dare to be unique and honor the uniqueness of others.

Remember these powerful words by Marianne Williamson:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be
brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.

As we allow ourselves to be who we are, we are more open to accepting the diversity of those around us. We remember that we are all here with a purpose and that we are each playing out the roles that we are meant to in this cosmic unfolding here on the Earth plane. We then can let go of judgment of ourselves and of others and honor the mystery plan that we are all actors in.

Act with courage – “Courage” means of the heart. When we live from the heart, we live from the center, in alignment with the truth of who we are. Courage does not mean acting without fear, it means being willing to be afraid, to feel all that we feel and to act anyway.

At the time of the New Moon, the north lunar node and Mercury are next to Regulus, the heart of the Lion. This guides us in living with courage from the heart and allowing our thoughts and words to be in alignment with cosmic light and love.

On August 7th, we move into the Full Moon with the Sun still in the sign of Leo and the Moon now in the sign of Aquarius. This Full Moon is a partial lunar eclipse. We are guided to open to the fullness of our light while also being aware of our shadow.

As we see ourselves clearly and honor the light and dark within us, we are able to live consciously and act with compassion. The Moon in Aquarius is reminding us that we are meant to share our light with others and to join our creative energy with others to co-create new paradigms and a new world. If we step into our light and our consciousness and join together, we have the capacity to transform the world. The world can be re-born not through our engaging in conflicts, power struggles or rebellion but through the force of unified consciousness holding and envisioning new paradigms. Then, like a fractal, the forms of the past will dissolve and new harmonious and expansive forms will emerge.

May we each open to the light and love within us and allow that to shine forth in the world.


— Sky Watch for this Month —

Mercury –is under the beams of the Sun at the beginning of the lunar cycle and begins to emerge in the evening behind the Sun at sunset by the time of the Full Moon
Venus –
continues to be a morning star arising before sunrise
Mars –
is under invisible and is next to the Sun during this lunar cycle
Jupiter –
is bright and visible in the western sky setting behind the Sun
Saturn –
is visible in the eastern sky at sunset and remains visible for much of the night