By Heather Ensworth


Are you centered?  Are you living consciously?  Are you living from the heart with courage?  

There are the core questions and themes of this month’s lunar cycle (beginning on August 11th) as the New Moon and Sun are located at the time of the New Moon near the star Regulus, the heart of Leo the lion.  This is the royal star of the north and forms the fixed cross with the other royal stars: Antares (west), Aldebaran (east)and Fomalhaut (south).  
The meaning of Regulus is about stepping into our individual consciousness and into the fullness of who we are and acting with integrity and purpose.  This is the star often associated in ancient times with the king or ruler of the people.  The power of this star is about leading and living from the heart and acting with courage.  
This New Moon is a super moon and a partial eclipse, which both emphasize the importance of this time and are calling our attention to the energies of the sky.  
The primary planetary aspect of the Sun and New Moon is with Jupiter.  Jupiter continues to be very bright and high in the sky just after sunset.  It is located right at the fulcrum of the scales of Libra, reminding us to live with faith and to live in balance.  
These scales are the symbol of justice, of being in right relationship with each other and with all of life.  They also represent our need to be in harmony and in balance within ourselves as well.  How are you living in balance or are out of balance?  How are you relating to others in a respectful and fair way or how are you mistreating those around you? How are we all living in relationship with the natural environment or exploiting the resources and life around us?  
In ancient Egypt, the stars of Egypt were associated with the principle of “Ma-at” — living in right relationship and in balance with all that is.  If this principle was violated, the people would experience storms or strife as a reminder to wake up and come back into balance.  Perhaps we need to realize that some of the turmoil in our world right now is because of our refusal to see all of the ways that we are out of balance with ourselves, with each other and with the Earth.  We are all being called to wake up and come back into consciousness about our actions and our choices.  
Take time to reflect at the time of this New Moon on ways in which you feel that you are in alignment with your path and purpose and living in a conscious way or ways in which you feel that you are living in a reactive manner or out of balance within yourself or with others.  

Remember that we are still in the time of Mars retrograde,when Mars is making a loop in the sky and is reminding us to step back and reflect on our actions and decisions.  Mars is very bright in the sky now as it is at its closest to the Earth, and it rises in the eastern sky shortly after sunset.  
Take time to gaze at Mars and to gain clarity about how you are using your energy and acting in ways that are from your heart and from a centered place vs. ways that you feel in disharmony within yourself or in your relationships.  
As we move into the time of the Full Moon on August 26th, the Sun is now right next to Regulus and the Full Moon is in the stars of Aquarius.  This is above the royal star of the South (opposite Regulus in the north), and this star symbolizes our collective consciousness.  
We are each called to step into our individual consciousness and choice to live in courage from the heart so that collectively, we can awaken and move into more balance and harmony with each other.  
The Full Moon is near Neptune in the sky and is calling us to live in compassion and to open to the awareness that we are all part of one global community.  
This Full Moon comes one day before Mars returns to its direct movement and is no longer in the retrograde period.  This is the time to step out, begin a new project or act on the choices that you have made in the time of reflecction.
The sky is guiding us to take this lunar cycle to reflect, to get centered, to come back into balance and harmony and to live consciously and courageously from the heart.  Then, collectively, we can engage each other in more compassionate, just and fair ways, and we will then act from the heart and be in right relationship with each other and all that is.  
Venus, at the time of the Full Moon, is now near one of the brightest stars in the sky, Spica, in the constellation of Virgo.  This star symbolizes the sheaf of wheat in the hand of the Harvest goddess and represents the gifts of the harvest and the nurturing that is there for us from the Earth and sky. 
It also symbolizes the support that we can give to each other when we are living from the fullness of who we are and living consciously from our soul selves.  The time to step into this consciousness and courage and compassion is now.  
 Allow this lunar cycle to be a time that you focus on your heart.  Rather than being guided by your mind or caught up in the confusion and tumult of these times, listen to your inner knowing and the guidance of your heart.  Attune to your connection with Source and your heart’s wisdom and then act with courage in alignment with that inner truth.  Then, your actions will be coming from a centered place and support you in being in balance with yourself and living with compassion towards others and in right relationship with the Earth.
May we all open to the healing energies of this lunar cycle and remember the beauty of being in right relationship with all that is.

— Sky Watch for this Month —

Mercury – is invisible at the time of the new moon but becomes barely visible in the east just before sunrise as we move into the time of the full moon 
Venus – is an evening star and can be seen in the western sky after sunset
Mars– is retrograde now until August 27th and can be seen for most of the night, rising in the eastern sky shortly after sunset
Jupiter – is visible in the western sky after sunset 
Saturn – is high in the sky after sunset and visible for much of the night