By Heather Ensworth

On August 30th (at 6:37 am), we begin a new lunar cycle with a super New Moon and the Sun in the sky by Regulus, the heart of Leo the Lion.  Also, close by, and under the beams of the Sun are Mercury, Venus and Mars.  This is a powerful configuration.  Regulus is the royal star of the north and guides us to live our lives with courage, integrity and to live from the heart.  The constellation of Leo and lions are associated with the Sun, and when we become lion-hearted, we are children of the Sun. We are not being called to be fearless but to be willing to face our fears and act in alignment with our hearts and our inner guidance even when we feel afraid. 
With Mercury, Venus and Mars all next to the Sun, our thoughts, relationships and actions are all being purified by this healing light of the Sun.  It is a good time to meditate and to tune into where you may feel out of balance or out of alignment with your true self.  Where in your life are you living out of your shadow self or acting unconsciously?  What thoughts are you attached to that are not true to who you are? What ways are you relating to others that is out of balance or not coming from the heart? Are your actions reflecting your deeper self? 
Let the light of the Sun illuminate those areas of your life and help you come back into right alignment with your heart and soul self.  Take time to listen to your heart.  Gaze at the Sun at the time of sunrise and ask for that light to heal you and to guide you.  It is also helpful at the time of the New Moon to ask for guidance and then pay attention to your dreams and ways that your inner self or spirit guides are giving you messages in the night.
This New Moon, Sun and planets are also in powerful aspects to Uranus as well as to Pluto and Saturn.  This signifies that this is a time to get clarity about old patterns that are no longer true to who you are and let go of the actions, thought patterns and ways of relating to yourself and others that are holding you back.  This is a time for courage, for truth,  and for living from the heart.
As we move into the time of the Full Moon on September 14th (12:32am), the Full Moon is now in the stars of Aquarius close to Neptune and Chiron.  Neptune and Chiron are helping us to heal and dissolve old ways of being that no longer serve us. Neptune is also opening us up to be more compassionate, more intuitive and more open to the spiritual aspects of ourselves.
 Aquarius is the constellation with the Water Bearer pouring the living waters of life and wisdom from the sky down to the Earth.  This constellation also carries the energy of the New Age that we are moving into.  We are being guided to live more and more fully from the heart and in a way in which we form new paradigms for being in community. The Aquarian Age is about justice, fairness, the acceptance of diversity and honoring our interconnectedness with each other. 
It is only if we are living from the heart and letting go of past destructive patterns in our lives that we can participate in co-creating these new paradigms and this new more just and compassionate sense of community. If we are living from fear and locked into projecting our anger and hatred on to others, then we are participating in the old paradigms of injustice, disconnection and destruction. If we open our hearts and see ourselves and others through the eyes of love, then we can foster relationships with others based on compassion, interdependence and collaboration. We have to let go of the longing for control, for competition or conquest and open to the reality that we are all part of a global community and part of the biodiversity of our Mother Earth.  We are not separate from each other or from the trees, plants, animals, birds or life around us.  Only when we honor our interconnectedness and that we are all part of the web of life on this beautiful planet will we stop destroying each other and harming the Earth. 
Let us listen to the wisdom of the Lion, let us become lion-hearted and then become Water Bearers, bringing life giving energy to those around us and our Earth. Let us be children of the Sun, living with courage and compassion, and emanating light and love to all around us. 

— Sky Watch for this Month —

Mercury– is invisible and is under the beams of the Sun
Venus – has disappeared from view and will return as an evening star in October 
Mars– has disappeared from view and will be under the beams of the Sun all month
Jupiter– is visible high in the sky after sunset and for much of the night
Saturn – rises in the eastern sky after sunset