by Heather Ensworth

Our first lunar cycle of 2019 begins with a partial solar eclipse at the time of the New Moon on January 5th and moves into a total lunar eclipse on January 21st.  Eclipses are wake up calls, asking us to stop and listen and reflect on the message that the universe is giving us through these eclipses.

New Moon: The New Moon/partial solar eclipse on January 5th comes with the Sun and New Moon in the sign of Capricorn next to Pluto, Saturn and Mercury also in this sign. Capricorn relates to how we structure our lives individually and collectively. At its most conscious level, Capricorn guides us to bring our wisdom and gifts out in the world in a way that is of service to others and that helps us all to live in balance and harmony with each other and with all of life.  
In this sign, the New Moon/eclipse is calling us to stop and reflect on what we are doing with our lives. Take time to meditate on what you are manifesting and on how you are bringing who you are and your gifts into the world.  Listen to your intuition. Are you doing what your soul is calling you to do or are you caught in survival mode, trying to make ends meet and striving to measure up to societal standards for success or to the expectations of others?  
Uranus in the sign of Aries is squaring the lunar nodes that are now in Capricorn and Cancer.  This is a karmic moment. Uranus is at 28 degrees of Aries.  The meaning of this degree of the zodiac is about listening to your intuition, attuning to the song of the universe and finding your soul’s voice, your part in that.  Rather than being controlled by your left brain and linear ways of thinking, listen to your right brain, to your deepest feelings and intuition.
Ellias Lonsdale (in the book, Inside Degrees) describes the meaning of this degree as:  The unconscious mind and the subconscious mind bear seeds of worlds which the conscious mind has yet to penetrate. These worlds can turn from dark to light and back again, but they are there, crying out to be fathomed, accessed, given their part in the dance. … all of our being longs to be known, to be seen, to be activated, to partake in the dance of life freely”.  
At this time of the New Moon, allow yourself to pause, to step back from your life and to reflect.  Who are you? What are you here for? What are you manifesting in the world? What is your soul song?  Are you in tune with your soul and with the music of the spheres or are you singing out of tune? How can you find your unique voice, your part of the harmony and bring your gifts out in a way that adds to the symphony of the cosmos?  
When you find your true voice, you come into balance and harmony within yourself. Your mind, heart and actions are all in alignment with your deepest self.  When we are out of balance and in disharmony, we experience spiritual angst, emotional turmoil, inner conflict and are more susceptible to disease. When we are in harmony, our vibration rises, and we feel the energies of love, creativity and joy flowing through us. We experience being in balance and harmony with the Earth and with the Cosmos and all that is.  
Jon Asle Rivelsrud – from youtube video: Music of the Spheres

We do not live in a random or mechanistic Universe, but in one that is conscious, complex and is based on sacred geometry with mathematical ratios and harmonics that give shape to the mountains, the patterns of stars, the rhythms of the human heart and all that is.  Are you in tune with those rhythms? Can you hear the song of the spheres?

The energy of this New Moon will either empower you to more fully trust your true voice and manifest your creativity in the world or call you into a period of profound transformation.  If you feel in turmoil or are caught in self-doubt, confusion or depression, this is a call to listen to your heart and the whispering of your deepest self. The energies of this New Moon are guiding you to open to being in a process of transformation. You will be supported in disassembling your life in order to move into a new way of being that is more in alignment with your true self and more in tune with the creative consciousness of the cosmos.
Full Moon:  As we move into the time of the Full Moon, the Moon has moved into the first degree of Leo, and the Sun is in Aquarius.  In the first degree of Leo, the Full Moon is calling us to step into the creative energy of fire and to allow our hearts to guide our minds in manifesting our gifts in our own unique ways in the world.  
The Full Moon is also a time of a total lunar eclipse. We are being called to integrate the light and the dark in ourselves and to search for what has been hidden in the darkness within.  In what ways have you been blocking yourself and not living in the fullness of who you are?  Have you been constricting yourself and not speaking your truth or not acting in alignment with your deepest intuitive knowing?  Have you been living from your heart or been controlled by the thoughts and fears of your mind? 
Uranus is now squaring the Full Moon and Sun and giving you clarity and insight about who you truly are and how you can express your unique gifts in the world.  The Full Moon is next to the north lunar node in the sign of Cancer.  This means that we are being called to listen to our intuition, to the wisdom of our hearts and to bring out our gifts in a way that is caring and nurturing to ourselves and to others.  We are not meant to be controlled by societal pressures, our sense of obligation or by the expectations of others. 
It is time to listen to the voice of your soul, the guidance of your heart and your intuition.  As you do, you will feel the creative energy of the cosmos flow through you and bringing your voice and being into harmony with the music of the spheres.  
We live in a conscious universe and have forgotten the power of our capacity to be co-creators with all that is. We are able to re-create ourselves and co-create a new world as we embrace our creativity, expand our consciousness and remember that we are part of the harmony of all that is.  Instead of living with a false sense of separation and feeling powerless in the midst of the turbulence and dysharmony in the world, we can sing and dance in tune with the music of the spheres and create a new reality that is in balance, in harmony and in right relationship with the Earth and stars and creative consciousness of the Cosmos. 

— Sky Watch for this Month —

Mercury– is barely visible in the morning sky before sunrise at the time of the New Moon but
 disappears into the beams of the Sun by the time of the Full Moon
Venus – is a morning star, glowing in her brightness in the eastern sky before sunrise
Mars– is gradually moving back towards the Sun and is visible after sunset in the western sky
Jupiter– is visible in the morning sky rising before sunrise and is close to Venus
at the time of the Full Moon
Saturn – is invisible and is conjunct the Sun and Moon at the time of the New Moon
and is barely visible in the morning sky at the time of the Full Moon