By Heather Ensworth


written by Heather Ensworth
On June 20th, we celebrate the time of the summer solstice, the day of the longest light and shortest night, and then on June 21st, we honor the new Moon and solar eclipse.  This will be an annular solar eclipse that will be visible in parts of Africa and Asia.  
We enter this new lunar cycle and experience this solar eclipse following the lunar eclipse two weeks ago and coming after the emergence of Venus from the underworld on June 12th.  We like Venus are emerging from our time in the underworld on this planet as we begin to step out of quarantine from the Covid-19 pandemic.  We all are feeling the chaos and uncertainty in our own lives and in the world.  This lunar cycle is guiding us in how to move forward with courage and creativity rather than trying to return to the patterns of the past or staying mired in chaos, fear or despair.  The summer solstice is surrounding us with its light and reminding us of the fire of creativity within our own hearts.
In this time, in the northern hemisphere, our summer solstice Sun is inthe sky in the upraised arm of Orion.  Amazingly, in Egypt, the north face of the Great Pyramid aligns with the stars of Orion such that now it appears that Orion stands on top of the Pyramid, holding the summer solstice sun in his upraised arm (cf. Mark Vidler’s research in Graham Hancock’s forum 180358,180406).  
This image of the god with the upraised arm is a powerful ancient archetype and is symbolic of order arising from chaos. This is the beauty of fractals emerging from disorder, and the lotus flower arising for the mud.  After times of crisis and storm, Mother Earth gives birth to renewed creativity, complexity and diversity of life and is guiding us in how to do that in our own lives and in our world.
Orion is symbolic of the god who dies and is reborn.  What a powerful image for our times.  This solstice Sun and new Moon are guiding us in our rebirth from this time in chaos. Rather than seeking to return to the patterns of the past, this is a time for creativity, for imagining a new world that is more beautiful, just and compassionate.  It is a time let go of ways that we have been on a path of destruction and to birth ourselves and our world in a new way with the light of consciousness and the energy of creativity.
It is powerful that this New Moon is a solar eclipse.  Eclipses are wake up calls.  They guide us to look at our lives and our world in new ways and to realize that this is a exceptional moment. This new Moon and solar eclipse are showing us that we are in a time of collective transformation as this placement of the solstice Sun in the upraised arm of Orion marks the shift in our human consciousness from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius and the end of one 24,000 year precessional cycle into a new one.  We are all being guided to go through a collective time of death/rebirth.
Take time at this new Moon to reflect on who you are as you step out of this time of quarantine and allow yourself to have the courage to make decisions to live your life more fully in the light of consciousness and in alignment with your true self. What parts of yourself have you kept hidden or the darkness that now need to be allowed to be seen so that you are living in the fullness and wholeness of who you are? In what ways can you allow your gifts and creativity to be more visible in the world?    This new Moon and eclipse are supporting you in seeing yourself more clearly and in honoring who you are in your uniqueness.  Let this solstice time strengthen your courage and resolve to make changes in your life to be more authentic and more fully in the light and truth of who you are. 
This new Moon is also in a strong aspect with Uranus, calling us to see with clarity the ways that our world is out of balance and to live in more just and fair ways with each other, respecting our diversity rather than engaging in hatred or prejudice for each other in our differences.  And Chiron is in a powerful configuration with this new Moon, supporting us in healing individually and collectively.  The world-wide protests and marches calling for racial equality and justice are a profound expression of the energies of Uranus and Chiron. As you reflect on your own life, examine where you need to bring the light of consciousness to areas where you have held fear or prejudice towards others.  Allow yourself to heal and to more deeply accept all aspects of yourself so that you in turn can be more compassionate and respectful of all those around you.
On July 5th, we move into the time of the Full Moon. The Moon is now in the stars of Sagittarius, near the head of the Archer who keeps his gaze on Source, the galactic center.  Sagittarius reminds us that we are each here on Earth in a journey of growth and spiritual evolution.  How are you in alignment with your soul self and with your purpose?  Where have you strayed off your path? Allow yourself now to be in alignment with Source and with your true self. 
Our Full Moon is close to the powerful configuration of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn calling us to continue to release old ways of being and patterns in ourlives that no longer express who we really are and what is most meaningful to us.  The asteroid Pallas Athene is also close to the Moon at this time and is supporting us in making changes in our lives through utilizing our intuition and creativity rather than being influenced by external pressures or expectations or our left-brain analytical minds.  
Take in the powerful energy of the Sun and Moon in this time.  Like Orion, allow yourself to go through this profound time of death/rebirth. Give yourself space to dream, envision and imagine ways that you can step into new patterns in all aspects of your life that more fully express your true self.  Listen to your inner knowing and allow yourself the courage to make changes to live in ways that are more authentic, just, loving as well as expressive of your own creative gifts.  It is time for us all to step out of chaos and out of the darkness into the light of consciousness, compassion and creativity.

— Sky Watch for this Month —

Mercury– is visible just above the western horizon after sunset 
Venus – is an evening star and is visible low in the western sky after sunset until May 26th when she disappears from view
Mars– is visible in the morning high in the eastern sky before sunrise
Jupiter– is visible in the sky before midnight until dawn
Saturn – is visible in the sky during most of the night and is close to Jupiter