By Heather Ensworth

Five days after the fall equinox, when the hours of the day and night are equal, we move into a new lunar cycle on September 28th.  This new Moon is in the sign of Libra along with the Sun, Venus and Mercury.  Libra is the sign that symbolizes being in balance.  The new Moon and Sun are squaring the powerful, transformational combination of Pluto, Saturn and the south node.  This configuration is a call to step out of old patterns and paradigms that are harmful or no longer serve us in order to heal and come back into harmony.  We are being called to come into balance within ourselves (mind, body and spirit) and then to be in right relationships with others.  The new Moon and Sun are also opposite Chiron.  Whatever is out of balance in our lives is being supported in healing in order to move into new forms that are more harmonious and healthy for us. 
In shamanic and other ancient healing traditions, there was the understanding that we each have a soul song.  If you are unhealthy, the key is to remember that song and come back into that vibrational energy of your true self.  Then, you are able to heal and come back into alignment with your soul self.  When you are out of balance, it is as if you are singing out of tune and the vibrations are discordant. 
Being in balance means being in harmony.  It means being true to yourself, being centered and honoring all of the aspects of yourself.  Being in balance in relationships means valuing your own feelings and needs and treating others with compassion and respect.  It includes the realization that we are all interconnected, and that if we harm ourselves or others, we are causing harm and imbalance to the web of life. 
Take time at the new Moon to reflect on the ways that your life is in balance and what is out of balance for you — physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually?  What patterns do you need to let go of in your life?  In what ways are you acting or thinking in ways that are harmful to you or to others?  Do a releasing fire ceremony to consciously let go of the patterns, relationships or situations in your life that are harmful to you.  Allow your intention for this lunar cycle to be to come back into balance and harmony within yourself and in your relationships.  
This is a powerful lunar cycle with major shifts with both Venus and Mars this month.  Venus has been invisible in the sky for the past few months and will reappear in the evening sky beginning about October 4th.  She will emerge from the beams of the Sun in the sign of Libra (at about 23 degrees of Libra).  This is the phase in her cycle in which she comes into integration and holds the energy of wisdom and discernment. Allow her to guide you in your life to assess how your values, finances, sense of self and relationships with others are in balance or are needing to change. Look to see where she lands in your chart to see in what ways she is trying to guide you to live in more harmony. 
About a week later on October 11th, Mars will also reappear and begin anew 26 month cycle. Mars represents the hero’s journey.  Mars will emerge from the Sun at about 4 degrees of Libra.  The theme of this hero’s journey is about how our actions, decisions and energies can be in alignment with what is in balance for ourselves, others and the Earth.  Take time to reflect on how you are embarking on this journey to be more in balance within yourself and in your actions in your life.
Venus and Mars also reflect the energies of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine.  As they both emerge and make their presence known, they are encouraging us to integrate these energies within ourselves. We are out of balance if we idealize the energy of Mars and engage in competition with others, striving to win, to be in control and to have power over others. We are also out of balance if we polarize and idealize the energy of Venus and give our power away to others in caretaking or co-dependent relationships with an inability to assert or value ourselves as individuals.  When we bring these energies into balance then we are able to value the uniqueness of who we each are yet honor our relationships with others and engage with them with love and respect. We are also able to remember that all of life is sacred — our bodies, the plants and animals around us and the Earth herself. 

As we come to the time of the Full Moon on October 13th, the full Moon is now in Aries opposite the Sun in Libra.  This is the integration of the energy of Mars and Venus (the planetary rulers of Aries and Libra), and of individuality and connection, and of the energy of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine. 

Individually and collectively, we need to remember who we truly are and what it means to come back into balance and harmony.  Our world is filled with cacophony and chaos.  When we remember the soul song of the planet and our inner true harmony, then we are able to come back into balance and into a healing vibration.  Then, we are able to think, feel and act from right relationship and discernment.  
This lunar cycle is a powerful but gentle one that is guiding us to remember the harmony of the spheres, the heartbeat of Mother Earth and our own inner soul song.  May we allow ourselves to listen and to come back into balance in order to heal and become a healing presence in our world.  As we each heal and come into alignment with our soul song, we then help energize the healing vibrations around us that have the power to heal and transform our world.

— Sky Watch for this Month —

Mercury– is barely visible at sunset, low on the horizon in the western sky
Venus – will return as an evening star about October 4th, visible after sunset in the western sky
Mars– will begin a new cycle on October 11th and will be visible in the morning in the eastern sky
Jupiter– is visible high in the sky after sunset 
Saturn – rises in the eastern sky after sunset and is visible for most of the night