VIDEO :: The Age of Aquarius: Who are we and who are we becoming?

As we move through this transition time and are at the cusp of the Age of Aquarius, we are at a choice point. We are being called to remember who we are and to choose who we will become -- beings controlled by technology and artificial intelligence or beings moving more fully into our awareness that we are souls having a human experience, are part of infinity and are interconnected with all that is.

VIDEO :: Navigating the Storminess of this Time: Guided by Neptune

This video is about the profound transits that we are in now and how we can best navigate the intensity of this time of transformation as we move through the current transits and also experience Neptune in aspect to Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter as well as moving into a square with the lunar nodes in September. The video also describes the meaning of the current placements of the lunar nodes in Sagittarius and Gemini.

VIDEO :: The Meaning of the Neowise Comet

A new comet entered our solar system and was discovered on March 27, 2020. The comet was named Neowise after the program that discovered it, and the comet will be visible from July through mid-August. This video explores the meaning of the comet and the significance of its appearance in the sky below the stars of the Big Dipper in this time.

VIDEO :: Pluto square Mars – Crisis in Action Aug 2020 – Jan 2021

This video is describes the Pluto-Mars cycle that began in March 2020 and will move into the first square of Pluto-Mars from August 2020 to January 2021. This is a time when we are called to reassess our actions, decisions and the way in which we are shaping our lives individually and globally. This video is a guide to how to navigate this intense time.

VIDEO :: Healing and Reconciliation in our World – Guided by Venus and the Myth of Inanna

We are currently in a profound transition time on our planet. It is a choice point for healing or increasing turbulence. Venus, now in the underworld, and the myth of Inanna (about the Venus cycle and times of intense transition and transformation) guide us in how to heal from our trauma personally and collectively, how to reconcile with each other, and how to move into a more whole and integrated way of being.

VIDEO :: Healing and Rebirth: Guided by Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn

As we move individually and globally through this profound time of transition, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn are guiding us in how we can let go of the patterns of the past, heal, open to the fullness of who we are and move into a higher consciousness and new ways of being.

VIDEO :: To the Underworld and Back: Venus Cycle and Eclipses May – June 2020

As we navigate this intense time of transition on the planet, Venus is going through her disappearance as an evening star on May 26, her underworld journey and then return as a morning star on June 12th. Her return is preceded by a lunar eclipse on June 5th and followed by a solar eclipse on June 21st. The eclipses and Venus' journey are guiding us in how to heal, how to move through this time of transformation and how to step into new paradigms and ways of being.

VIDEO :: Navigating this Time of Transition: Guided by the Planets and Stars

This video discusses the transition that we are in with the global pandemic and as we move into the Age of Aquarius. Saturn has now entered the sign of Aquarius and with Uranus in Taurus is guiding us in how to increase our spiritual consciousness, heal and prepare to move into new ways of being. Resources are also offered at the end of the video that can support us in this time -- physically, emotionally and spiritually.

VIDEO :: COVID-19 and our Planet: A Time for Healing and Transformation

This video is a follow up to my earlier video "Astrology and the Meaning of the Coronavirus" and focuses on the planetary influence of the dwarf planet Eris/Xena which is guiding us in this time of reflection, healing and transformation into new paradigms and new ways of being in our lives individually and collectively.

VIDEO :: Astrology and the meaning of the Coronavirus

This video is describes how astrology can help us to understand the deeper meaning of what we are experiencing globally at this time with the coronavirus pandemic as well as how to navigate this intense time with consciousness and compassion.

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