LUNAR CYCLE - JUNE 2018 By Heather Ensworth   We begin a new lunar cycle on June 13th at 3:43 pm EDT with the New Moon and Sun joining together in stars of Taurus at the tip of one of the horns of the Bull. These stars have been seen as an auroch or bull for thousands of years. [...]

The Currents of Transformation

LUNAR CYCLE - MAY 2018 By Heather Ensworth We enter a new lunar cycle on May 15th (7:48 am EDT).  In native traditions here in North America, this is the Full Flower Moon and is associated with the increasing fertility of the Earth in this time of spring in the northern hemisphere.  In the southern hemisphere, it is associated [...]

Holding the Wholeness

LUNAR CYCLE --  MAY 2018 written by Heather Ensworth As we enter this new lunar cycle on April 15th, do you find yourself feeling unsettled, agitated, angry or feeling depressed or experiencing a range of intense emotions? Or perhaps you feel as if you are burning off patterns from the past, deepening in your awareness and feeling an increasing [...]

Water and Fire

LUNAR CYCLE -  MARCH - APRIL 2018 WATER AND FIRE by Heather Ensworth      We live in a world that is oriented towards action, and too often we judge our value by what we have accomplished.  We emphasize doing over being. When we meet someone new, we ask what they do rather than who they are or [...]

Co-Creators with the Cosmos

LUNAR CYCLE -  FEBRUARY - MARCH 2018 CO-CREATING WITH THE COSMOS by Heather Ensworth       True freedom is not the absence of fear, challenges or obstacles in your path -- it is the ability to choose how you respond.  (Heather Ensworth) Courage is the willingness to be afraid and to act any way. (Author unknown) Many of us [...]


LUNAR CYCLE -  JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2018 MANIFESTING WHAT IS JUST AND TRUE by Heather Ensworth              We begin a new lunar cycle on January 16th (9:17pm EST) as the Sun and New Moon are part of a stellium in Capricorn in the tropical zodiac chart.  Venus, Pluto and Mercury are also now in [...]


LUNAR CYCLE -  NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2017 IS YOUR HEART AS LIGHT AS A FEATHER? by Heather Ensworth      This morning, I watched the sunrise as the Moon and Sun came together in sacred union at this time of the New Moon (November 18, 6:42am EST).   Just before sunrise, Jupiter and Venus glowed beside each other low [...]

The Truth Will Set You Free

LUNAR CYCLE -  OCTOBER- NOVEMBER 2017 THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE by Heather Ensworth As we approach the time of the New Moon on October 19th (3:12pm EDT), you may find yourself feeling unsettled, restless, yearning to break free from the stresses in your life and longing to move in new creative directions. You may feel agitated and [...]

REBIRTH – Sep/Oct Lunar Cycle

LUNAR CYCLE -- SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2017   REBIRTH   by Heather Ensworth   Since the full solar eclipse on August 21st, we have experienced major earth changes -- earthquakes and hurricanes -- and global turbulence on all levels. How are we to understand these events?  Are we on the verge of the apocalypse?  Is this the end of [...]

Living from the Heart with Courage – July/August Lunar Cycle

JULY - AUGUST LUNAR CYCLE LIVING FROM THE HEART WITH COURAGE By Heather Ensworth We are more powerful than we realize. We are beings of light and love with the capacity together to co-create a new reality. We are in a time of profound transformation as we move into a new Age and are being bathed in energies from [...]

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