By Heather Ensworth


written by Heather Ensworth
Today, we begin a new lunar cycle with the Sun and New Moon in the stars of Taurus near the Pleiades.  In Hermetic and other spiritual traditions, the Pleiades are thought to be a source of higher consciousness and of the wisdom of the heart. They also resonate with the energy of the Sacred Feminine. 
Our new Moon is calling us to allow ourselves to take in this spiritual guidance and love and to open to new ways of being. As a world, we are beginning to move out of the time of quarantine. This time has been much like the chrysalis period of the caterpillar in its process of becoming a butterfly.  We are not meant to return to the way things used to be, but to transform and move into new paradigms and new ways of being in relationship with each other and with the Earth.  
This new Moon is also close in the sky to Aldebaran. This star is the eye of the Bull of Taurus, and its name in Arabic is “the follower,” as it follows the Pleiades stars through the night sky.  This star is also known as the Eye of Illumination or Revelation and is about our seeking to be aligned with spiritual guidance and inner knowing. 
Take time during this beginning phase of the lunar cycle to meditate and listen to the guidance of spirit and your own inner knowing. Rather than being caught in fear or feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainty of these times, allow yourself to visualize and dream a new life and new world into being. This is a chaotic time, but it is also a time when we are given the space and guidance to rebirth ourselves in new ways. Listen to your own inner knowing about what is out of balance or no longer serves you in your life, and let your intuition guide you in making changes to be more in alignment with your true self. 
A few days after the New Moon, Venus will disappear from view and go into her underworld journey.  This is the time when she faces the shadow and hidden aspects of herself and seeks to heal and be rebirthed in a new way. Take time during this phase of the lunar cycle (from May 26th through June 12th) to bring to consciousness the unresolved pain from the past or repressed parts of yourself. Take time to heal and to honor these lost aspects of yourself. 
At the time of the Full Moon on June 5th, we will experience a partial lunar eclipse.  Eclipses are wake up calls, guiding us to open to new ways of seeing. The Full Moon is now in the sky at the feet of Ophiuchus, the healer.  We are being supported in our healing process and guided to move through this transformational time in a way that allows us to become more integrated and whole. This constellation isalso known as the Serpent Bearer, the one who teaches us how to integrate the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. This means honoring the sacredness of all of life, of the Earth and sky and all of the life forms around us as well as honoring the energy of divine consciousness that is beyond this third dimensional realm. 
At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are squaring Neptune and Mars which are in the stars of Aquarius.  This is the Water Bearer, pouring the urn of the  living waters of wisdom to the Earth.  These stars represent
the energy of the new Age of Aquarius that we are moving into. This is a time when we are called to move into new paradigms collectively as well as individually.  We need to open to new systems that are more just and fair. We are being called to develop new forms economically, politically and socially. It is time to let go of our conflicts and competition with each other individually and nationally and move into collaboration and cooperation. As humans, we are being called into an evolutionary leap — to move beyond the paradigm of the “survival of the fittest” and into a paradigm collaboration and of higher consciousness, love and equality. 
On June 12th, a week after the lunar eclipse, Venus emerges from the underworldand rises as a morning star.  The Mayans and other ancient cultures saw this as a powerful time of emergence and rebirth. Like the emerging butterfly, allow yourself to slowly emerge from this time of quarantine and feel your way into the new ways of being as you find your wings and join with others to co-create a new world. 
As you move through this lunar cycle, allow yourself to feel all that you feel — the sadness for so many are suffering during this time, the fear and anxiety about the uncertainty, the confusion, the sense of hope that we might heal and transform through this time. Feel all that you feel and allow yourself to know that we are all being held and guided by energies much larger than ourselves.  Allow these cosmic energies of wisdom and love to hold you, heal you and guide you into emerging reborn and more whole and more able to live from the heart. 

— Sky Watch for this Month —

Mercury– is visible just above the western horizon after sunset 
Venus – is an evening star and is visible low in the western sky after sunset until May 26th when she disappears from view
Mars– is visible in the morning high in the eastern sky before sunrise
Jupiter– is visible in the sky before midnight until dawn
Saturn – is visible in the sky during most of the night and is close to Jupiter