About Heather
The Rising Moon Healing Center

My path to opening the Rising Moon Healing Center was like walking the labyrinth. You think you have come to clarity and found the center only to weave back out again. Eventually, you realize it is all about the journey and not the destination, and that all roads lead to the center, to Source, if you trust and stay on the path.
Let me share part of my story:
In my twenties and thirties, I was working in Pasadena, CA as a clinical psychologist with a thriving private practice when I began to feel that something was missing — that there was more to healing than what psychology had to offer and that I, personally, was missing a deeper connection with Spirit and with the Earth.  
It was around that time in 1993 when I had a profound mystical experience and heard a clear inner voice saying: “You need to leave your life as you have known it, or you will die.” I knew in every fiber of my being that this was true and that I was being called to go through a profound death/rebirth process.  This led to my leaving my practice and my clients who I was deeply committed to, selling my house and eventually also led to the ending of significant personal relationships. Few people understood how I could leave everything in my life to step into the unknown. This experience taught me that these liminal times are often the greatest times for healing, growing in consciousness and learning to trust in the mystery and in the guidance that is beyond our human understanding.    
The founding of the Rising Moon Healing Center:
I moved back to the east coast in 1993 and began an exploration of healing through studying ancient wisdom and healing traditions. I worked with indigenous shamans, healers and many spiritual teachers.  I had no clear sense of direction but rather followed my intuition, spiritual guidance, and synchronicities. All of this led to the founding of the Rising Moon Healing Center and the integration of the many modalities that I use in my work today (psychology, astrology, shamanic practices, energy healing, mythology, ceremony and ancient wisdom traditions).  I do holistic individual and circle work, in person as well as long-distance sessions and offer some programs online.  All of which are described on this website.
I came to realize that to truly heal, we need to be in right relationship — with ourselves, each other, with the Earth and with Spirit/Source.
Being connected with nature is healing for our bodies and our souls. We are held by the guidance and love of Spirit if we open to it. Emotional healing comes through inner work but also through ceremony and releasing energy blocks and karmic patterns from the past. As we come into alignment with our true selves and remember our interconnectedness with all of life, we are more able to relate to each other from a place of truth and love.  As we connect more fully with the soul self within, we are able to see all of our experiences as lessons on the journey and honor the story of this incarnation with more compassion, peace and non-attachment.  
In these intense times of change on the planet, we are all called to heal and step into the fullness of who we are and help co-create a new world that is more in balance and based on love and truth.
With love,