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VIDEO :: COVID-19 and our Planet: A Time for Healing and Transformation

This video is a follow up to my earlier video "Astrology and the Meaning of the Coronavirus" and focuses on the planetary influence of the dwarf planet Eris/Xena which is guiding us in this time of reflection, healing and transformation into new paradigms and new ways of being in our lives individually and collectively.

A New Earth

MARCH - APRIL 2020 LUNAR CYCLE  By Heather Ensworth As we enter this new lunar cycle on March 24th, our world is in a collective time-out as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Many of us are in a mandatory or voluntary quarantine. We are forced to step out of our lives as they have been, and the world is [...]

VIDEO :: Astrology and the meaning of the Coronavirus

This video is describes how astrology can help us to understand the deeper meaning of what we are experiencing globally at this time with the coronavirus pandemic as well as how to navigate this intense time with consciousness and compassion.

The Living Waters of Wisdom

FEBRUARY - MARCH 2020 LUNAR CYCLE  By Heather Ensworth On February 23rd, we begin a new lunar cycle with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune all in the stars of Aquarius in the sky.* Aquarius is the Water-Bearer pouring the jar of the living waters of wisdom towards the Earth.  We are entering into the Age of Aquarius, which [...]

VIDEO :: Important Transits of 2020

2020 is a powerful year in which Pluto comes into a conjunction with both Saturn and Jupiter, calling us to let go of the paradigms of the past and move into the paradigms of the Aquarian Age.

The Dance of Light in the Darkness

DECEMBER 2019 - JANUARY 2020 LUNAR CYCLE  By Heather Ensworth A few days ago (on December 21st), we experienced the sacred time of winter solstice here in the northern hemisphere.  This is the time of the longest night and signals the gradual return of the light.  It reminds us of the dance of light and darkness on our Earth [...]

Transformation and Transmutation

DECEMBER LUNAR CYCLE 2019 By Heather Ensworth On November 26, 2019, we begin a new lunar cycle.  We are entering more deeply into the dark time of the year here in the northern hemisphere. Our new Moon is in the sky (conjunct the Sun) in the stars of Scorpius, the Scorpion.  Ancient cultures saw this constellation as the portal [...]

Diving Deep

NOVEMBER LUNAR CYCLE 2019 By Heather Ensworth   Our new lunar cycle begins on October 27th (11:38 pm EDT) as the New Moon and Sun lie between the constellations of Virgo and Libra.  They are in a liminal space, not really in one constellation or the other.  In the tropical zodiac, the New Moon and Sun carry the energy [...]

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