JULY 2019

By Heather Ensworth

This lunar cycle in July is a powerful one!  On July 2nd, we will experience a new Moon and total solar eclipse, although this eclipse will only be visible in the South Pacific and parts of South America, we will all feel the energies of this transformational eclipse. A solar eclipse is a wake up call. Sometimes, the wake up call comes through an event or through an insight that guides you to see your life more clearly. It is a call to look at who you are and how you are living your life. Are there ways that you have been holding yourself back or not being true to yourself? Are there ways that you have been acting or living unconsciously and now need to be more aware of how your actions and words are a reflection of your authentic self or are self-destructive or harmful to others?
This eclipse occurs as the Sun and Moon are opposite Saturn and Pluto in the sky.  Saturn and Pluto have been moving for the past few months into this powerful conjunction that will go exact in February 2020.  These planets are in the sign of Capricorn and are calling us all to look at the patterns in our lives and the institutions and structures of our world that are dysfunctional, destructive or out of balance. Take time to reflect on your life and get clarity about what patterns you are needing to let go of.  What in your life feels out of balance?  What is causing you stress or a sense of disharmony or dis-ease?  Allow yourself to step back from these old patterns and honor the changes that you need to make.
In our world, we are also experiencing the tumult of institutions, structures and paradigms of the past breaking down as we realize the ways in which we have all been living out of balance and in ways that are harmful to others and to the Earth. Do not be afraid of this turmoil, it is the dying of these old forms to allow new paradigms to emerge that are more just and more in harmony with each other and with our Earth. 
At the time of this solar eclipse, Chiron is squaring the Sun and Moon. Chiron is helping us to heal and to move into new ways of being as we release the patterns and ways of being that no longer serve us. Uranus and Neptune are also in aspect to the new Moon and Sun, guiding us into more clarity and helping us to release our old sense of identity and, like the snake, to shed the old skin and open to the new ways. On July 7th, Mercury goes retrograde until August 2nd.  This is supporting us during this lunar cycle to be more reflective, to take time to meditate and to listen to our intuition and inner guidance rather than being caught up in our left brains and more linear and analytical ways of thinking.  
On July 16th, we move into the time of the full Moon and a partial lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses are also wake up calls, but they guide us to be more aware of emotional issues or aspects of ourselves that we need to work with more consciously.  

Eclipses are a dance of light and shadow. They bring clarity and insight and guide us to see what has been held in the shadows.  In bringing what has been hidden in the darkness into the light of consciousness, we are able to heal, see ourselves more clearly and make choices with more discernment and become more integrated and whole.
The full Moon is now beside Pluto and Saturn in the sky and Venus has moved under the beams of the Sun and is conjunct the Sun. Venus has now disappeared from view and won’t be visible again until she returns as an evening star in October. This is the  superior conjunction phase of the Venus cycle, when she journeys behind the Sun for about 3 months. This is her time of contemplation and integration, guiding us to continue to take time to reflect on our lives as we allow old patterns to be released, take time to heal and get clarity about our values.  It is also an important time to assess the relationships in your life and to get clear about what relationships need to shift or change as you allow yourself to be more authentic and more in balance.  Venus also relates to how we use our resources and our finances, so this is also a time to reflect on how your investments and use of money reflect your values or in what ways this area of your life is out of balance.
This lunar cycle is calling you to step back, reflect, let go of old dysfunctional patterns and open to your inner knowing and to the guidance of the cosmos to move into new ways of being.  And it is a powerful wake up call for us collectively to stop the ways in which we are out of balance, doing harm to each other and to the Earth and to open to moving in a direction that is more in balance and in harmony with all of life.

— Sky Watch for this Month —

Mercury– is in the evening sky, low on the horizon after sunset and then will disappear under the beams of the Sun by the time of the full Moon. Mercury is retrograde from July 7th to Aug 2nd.
Venus – has disappeared from view and will return as an evening star in October 
Mars– is barely visible low in the western sky after sunset and will disappear from view by the end of the month
Jupiter– is visible in the eastern sky after sunset and rises in the sky through the night
Saturn – is opposite the Sun, rising in the eastern sky after sunset