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Heather Ensworth has  been doing shamanic work for almost 20 years.  She has done many different shamanic trainings including work with various teachers, healers and indigenous shamans.  From the shamanic perspective, there are four primary levels of reality:  the physical, the mental and emotional, the mythic (realm of ceremony, story and ritual) and the energetic/spiritual.  When we work or heal at the energetic level, it in turn affects all of the other levels.  Shamanism focuses on working at the mythic and energetic/spiritual levels.

This training program is for those who are on a spiritual path and for those who may want to do this program for their own process as well as for those who want to incorporate shamanicwork in their healing practices.  In that we are in a profound time of transformation globally, this program will also focus on practices for moving into new forms of consciousness and on practices to move into right relationship with the Earth and on how to help heal and balance the Earth energies as the planet is also in a time of profound transformation.

The program is open to both men and women. This program will include:

  • ways to clear energy and balance the chakras
  • plant-spirit healing
  • working with animal allies and guides
  • working with the wisdom of the stars and planets
  • working with the medicine wheel and the directions, elements, weather and seasonal cycle
  • exploring prophecies about 2012 and this time of transformation
  • shamanic journeying for healing and for guidance
  • soul retrieval
  • extractions – ways to release negative energies
  • dreamwork
  • releasing karmic and ancestral patterns
  • assisting others through the death transition
  • ways to transform and become beings of light in this time of change
  • Earth-healing practices
  • divination
  • and more. . .

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