Psychotherapy & Spiritual Consultation


Heather Ensworth has over 30 years of clinical experience with indepth training in psychodynamic therapy as well as other therapeutic modalities. In her current therapy practice, she utilizes astrology, an understanding or archetypes and mythology as well as shamanic healing practices to deepen and accelerate the healing process. In her view, emotional healing is not about the cessation of symptoms but about opening to a more whole and integrated way of being. In connecting with Spirit and with our witness self, we are able to honor who we are, our soul’s purpose and what we are meant to learn in this lifetime. In working at an archetypal and energetic level, we are able to clear past trauma and repetitive unhealthy patterns and move into new ways of being.

Spiritual Consultation

There are many paths to the sacred. Spirit is immanent, within all of life, and also transcends life. How we experience our spirituality is shaped by our culture, our personal history and by our own relationship with Spirit. Sadly, we live in a culture that has tended to view Spirit as separate from matter. This has led to a devaluation of our relationship with the Earth, with the Sacred Feminine and with our bodies. In recovering a sense of Spirit as immanent and embodied, we are able to heal the split between mind/body and spirit and once again honor the sacredness of the Earth. Our healing and wholeness are integrally related to our connection with the Spirit within us and in all of life.

Sessions Include:

  • Exploring how to deepen one’s personal spiritual practice and connection with the sacred
  • Shamanic journeying to seek guidance or spiritual insight
  • Developing rituals to honor rites of passage and important life events