by Heather Ensworth 


We begin a new lunar cycle on January 16th (9:17pm EST) as the Sun and New Moon are part of a stellium in Capricorn in the tropical zodiac chart.  Venus, Pluto and Mercury are also now in Capricorn.  Saturn moved into Capricorn (the sign that it rules) on December 20, 2017 and will be there for the next 3 years.  
The energy of the sign of Capricorn is about how we give form and shape to our lives.  
In the sky, these planets span from near the stars of Capricorn through the stars of Sagittarius.
One of the images for Capricorn is the mountain goat.  The mountain goat reaches the pinnacle of the mountain by climbing it one step at a time.  
We need to stay in the present moment, taking the next step that is in front of us to take.  
Like the mountain goat, we are climbing without a clear view of the summit and trusting that the path we are on will lead us to where we need to go.  
This New Moon and Sun are next to Pluto and squaring Uranus.  These two outer planets have been in this tranformational square since 2009. We have all been called to be in this profound time of transition and transformation individually and collectively across these past several years and especially since 2012.  These planetary energies of Pluto and Uranus have been shattering old forms and systems in our world that are corrupt, out of balance or that abuse power. They also are cutting through illusions and helping us to see more fully the truth of who we are and what is happening in our world. We are being called to move into new ways of being that are just and fair and equitable. We are moving into the Aquarian Age in which we realize more fully how everything is energy and everything is interconnected.  
With Mercury and Venus close to the New Moon, Sun and Pluto, we are called to make sure that our thoughts, words and values are in alignment with these new paradigms.  

New Moon chart
At this time of the New Moon, Chiron and Mars are also actively in aspect to the New Moon.  What needs to heal in your life so that your actions reflect your true self? This is a time to hold yourself in forgiveness and to let go of ways that you have betrayed yourself and your deeper truth.  It is also a time to allow yourself to see yourself and the world around you more clearly.  Let go of the filters of old ways of seeing and being and allow yourself to see what is emerging from behind the veils of illusion.  
We live in a world now where truth is hard to define and hard to find.  We are surrounded by “fake news,” distortions and negative projections.  Words and tweets and rumors swirl around us creating endless distractions and confusion.  The “truth” can be manipulated or hidden by those in positions of power.  As we move into the this new year, we are moving into a time when we will see ourselves and our world more clearly.  More and more, that which has been hidden will come to light. 
There are powerful configurations coming up later this year (which I will write about soon) that indicate that we will be facing some profound shifts in our political and economic systems in the coming months.  Once again, the theme will be about dismantling power based on corruption, abuse and illusion and allowing equality, freedom and new more just paradigms to emerge.  
At this time of the New Moon, what is most important is to allow yourself to dismantle the old forms that no longer serve you.  Let go of anything that is not true to who you most deeply are.  
This New Moon reminds us that when we dive deep into our hearts and our inner knowing, we hear that whisper of truth within us.  
Take time to separate yourself from the cacophany of news and external stimuli. Take time to be quiet, to reflect, to listen to our own heart and your own inner knowing. The truth surrounds us and is within us when we find that stillness within. Dive deep and listen to that inner voice and let your thoughts, words, values and actions arise from that depth and from that inner truth to take shape and form in your life.  
All of the planets are in direct motion now (from January 2nd through March 8th) indicating that we can move forward and manifest these new ways of being if we allow that energy to flow through us.  We are in the process of moving into new forms of consciousness and new ways of understanding our interconnectedness with all of life.  
Let this New Moon time be a time to hold the seeds of these new paradigms within you, to hibernate and germinate and prepare to take shape and form in your life.  
Our Full Moon on January 31st is a total lunar eclipse and is also a super moon.  This is also a day before the ancient sacred time of Imbolc, the time when we are given guidance and wisdom about the coming year.  As was true last month, it is an amazing synchronicity that the Full Moon and Sun are at 11 degrees (of the sign of Leo and Aquarius respectively), holding the energy of ascension, of growing in wisdom and in truth.  
The total eclipse is reminding us to hold the wholeness of all that is — the light and the dark.  The Full Moon in Leo is reminding us to live from our hearts with courage.  Be guided by your heart and not your head. Listen to your intution and inner guidance.  
Everything now is in a process of change and is in flux.  We do not know fully how this new consciousness and these new paradigms of the Aquarian Age will manifest.  What we do know is that we have to keep releasing the old ways of being and be open to the fluidity of these times. 
We live in a culture that constantly emphasizes the importance of manifestation.  We are encouraged to set intentions and to manifest our dreams.  We are pushed to take action, to pursue our goals and to achieve.  In our modern western culture, our value is predicated on our accomplishments and on our aquisitions.  
This lunar cycle is teaching us about a very different way of manifestation.  It is not about asserting our egoic desires or grasping for power.  
The new way of manifestation is about letting go of what no longer serves us and opening to the creative energy of the cosmos to manifest through us. 
This new paradigm is about living in trust and acting out of love. When we love ourselves, we can be more fully accepting of others.  Then, we can see each other more clearly and act in ways that are more compassionate and just.  When we see how we are all manifestations of the cosmic creative energies, then we can celebrate all that is and live in right relationship with everything around us.
When we remember that we are not separate but are a drop of the cosmic sea, we can allow those living waters to flow in us and through us.  It allows us to celebrate our uniqueness while knowing that we are one with all that is.  In the words of Rumi, 
You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.
May we honor this and allow our creativity and the love and wisdom of the cosmos to live in us and flow through us.

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— Sky Watch for this Month —

Mercury – rises before the Sun and may be barely visible before sunrise; Mercury is now direct
Venus – is not visible as she circles behind the Sun.  She will return as an evening star at the beginning of March 2018.
Mars – is visible in the eastern morning sky before sunrise.
Jupiter – is visible in the eastern sky just before sunrise and is close to Mars during this lunar cycle. 
Saturn – is visible in the eastern sky low on the horizon before sunrise