Let us be Lion-hearted

SEPTEMBER LUNAR CYCLE 2019 By Heather Ensworth   On August 30th (at 6:37 am), we begin a new lunar cycle with a super New Moon and the Sun in the sky by Regulus, the heart of Leo the Lion.  Also, close by, and under the beams of the Sun are Mercury, Venus and Mars.  This is a powerful configuration.  [...]

Becoming the Bread of Life

AUGUST LUNAR CYCLE 2019 By Heather Ensworth     We begin a new lunar cycle on July 31st (at 11:12 pm EDT) with the Sun and Moon in the sign of Leo in the tropical zodiac. This comes at the sacred time of Lammas, which was celebrated throughout much of Old Europe as the time of honoring the heat [...]

The Dance of Light and Shadow

JULY 2019 By Heather Ensworth       This lunar cycle in July is a powerful one!  On July 2nd, we will experience a new Moon and total solar eclipse, although this eclipse will only be visible in the South Pacific and parts of South America, we will all feel the energies of this transformational eclipse. A solar eclipse [...]

Dreaming a New World into Being

JUNE 2019 by Heather Ensworth   Our New Moon comes this month on June 3rd (at 6:01 am EDT). In the tropical zodiac, the New Moon is now in the sign of Gemini.  This is the time of year in the northern hemisphere when we are moving more fully into spring, and we watch as the pollinators (the birds, [...]

A Neptunian Dream

MARCH 2019 by Heather Ensworth If you meditate or pay attention to your dreams at the time of the dark of the Moon, the messages and energies of the lunar cycle will often come to you through your intuition and inner guidance.  This is especially true for this lunar cycle in that the New Moon and Sun are next [...]

Finding your Soul Song

JANUARY 2019 by Heather Ensworth Our first lunar cycle of 2019 begins with a partial solar eclipse at the time of the New Moon on January 5th and moves into a total lunar eclipse on January 21st.  Eclipses are wake up calls, asking us to stop and listen and reflect on the message that the universe is giving us [...]

In the midst of chaos, dissolve into stillness

LUNAR CYCLE - SEPTEMBER 2018 By Heather Ensworth   I was recently at a restaurant, meeting a friend for dinner.  As we sat trying to talk, the noise level in the restaurant was so high that we could barely hear each other talking.  Meanwhile, I glanced out the window to see the beauty of the sun setting quietly over [...]

Living from the Heart

LUNAR CYCLE - AUGUST 2018 By Heather Ensworth         Are you centered?  Are you living consciously?  Are you living from the heart with courage?     There are the core questions and themes of this month's lunar cycle (beginning on August 11th) as the New Moon and Sun are located at the time of the New [...]

Threshold Point

LUNAR CYCLE - JULY 2018 By Heather Ensworth       The sky is constantly changing and gifts us with its beauty and speaks to us in the synchronicity of the patterns formed with the Sun, Moon, planets and stars.  "As above, so below."   This lunar cycle is extremely powerful and significant.  It begins with a partial solar [...]


LUNAR CYCLE - JUNE 2018 By Heather Ensworth   We begin a new lunar cycle on June 13th at 3:43 pm EDT with the New Moon and Sun joining together in stars of Taurus at the tip of one of the horns of the Bull. These stars have been seen as an auroch or bull for thousands of years. [...]

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