Dreaming a New World into Being

JUNE 2019

by Heather Ensworth

Our New Moon comes this month on June 3rd (at 6:01 am EDT). In the tropical zodiac, the New Moon is now in the sign of Gemini.  This is the time of year in the northern hemisphere when we are moving more fully into spring, and we watch as the pollinators (the birds, bees and butterflies) arrive to help to spread the pollen and fertilize the plants.  I love to watch the hummingbirds moving from flower to flower, bringing their joy and hovering in their flying dance of creativity, spreading the new life of the plants. 
The Sabian symbol (giving us the meaning for the degree of this New Moon) for this New Moon is about the Avatar whose example fascinates human beings, leading them to leave behind their past and to venture forth into new realms of experience” (from Dane Rudhyar’s book on Sabian Symbols, The Astrology of Personality, 1979).  This tells us that this lunar cycle, seeded by this New Moon, is a call to step out of our old, destructive and limited paradigms and dream new ways of being. 
In the sky, the Sun and New Moon lie in the stars of Taurus close to the royal star of the east, Aldebaran.  This star is the brightest star in Taurus and is the eye of the Bull.  It is known as the star of revelation or illumination and as Buddha’s star or God’s Eye. Aldebaran represents an alignment with spiritual consciousness and also a deep connection with the Earth.  It is thought to bring awareness and spiritual power to humans and fertility to the Earth. It is associated with our sixth chakra, the third eye, and our source of inspiration and insight from the spiritual realms. 
Throughout this lunar cycle, the Moon and Sun are in strong aspects to Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is the planet that helps us dissolve destructive ways of being and guides us to create new forms through our dreams and visions, and Jupiter is the planet of hope, faith and inspiration.  This New Moon is calling us to dream new dreams and open to guidance from the Earth and from the cosmos.  We are being asked to let go of the ways that we limit ourselves and open to our imaginations and our capacity to be co-creators of our world.
This week, I read about the SpaceX launching of 60 satellites that are intended to bethe first phase in creating an “internet” constellation in the sky of possibly up to 12,000 satellites (in order to provide global internet connectivity). Many of us, including many astronomers, are appalled at how this will interfere with our capacity to relate to the sky and stars. What a profound example this is of our human hubris and our belief that through our left-brain minds, we have the capacity to control the Earth and now the sky.  Ironically, it is our mechanistic technology, arrogance and efforts to break out of natural law and dominate our environment and sky that are leading us to the brink of massive extinction and destruction.  
In ancient times, there were very advanced cultures who gained information about the Earth and the stars and traveled the universe through the power of their spiritual consciousness. This is evident in the profound understanding of herbs and plant medicines in ancient (and current indigenous) cultures who attuned to and communed with the plants through meditation and shamanic journeying. We also see this with the advanced scientific understanding of the star Sirius in the ancient Dogon tribe in Africa. Throughout the world in ancient sites dating back 11,000 years(such as in Egypt, Peru, Turkey and around the globe), we find evidence of sophisticated astronomical and mathematical knowledge as well as advanced technologies (using light and sound) and an understanding of cosmic cycles far beyond our own. These ancient cultures were more right-brained dominant and honored other ways of knowing and being that were more in balance with the planet and the cosmos. 
We are in a time now in which neurologically we are all evolving to be in more balance between the right and left hemispheres.  It is time for us in these modern times to grow past our dangerous over-emphasis on left-brain ways of thinking which severely limit our consciousness and ways of knowing and our capacity to create in tune with the energies of the cosmos. It is time to come back into right relationship with the Earth and sky and remember and reclaim the power of our right-brains and this ability to dream, imagine new realities, work with our consciousness in more expansive ways and to co-create a world of harmony and peace.  
This New Moon is guiding the way and encouraging us to look to the sky and remember the wisdom and power of the stars that are showing us a portal and a pathway to these new ways of being. At this time of the New Moon, tuning into the wisdom of the star Aldebaran, we are guided to meditate, open our third eyes and receive insight and wisdom in intuitive (right-brained) ways of knowing.  Take time to allow yourself to open to your imagination, to the dreams of the cosmos coming through you and the seeds of creativity that are unique to who you are. And remember your true nature and capacity to be a co-creator with the creative energies of the cosmos.  What is it that you want to dream into being in your life and into our world in this time?  When we remember who we truly are, then we do not have to live in despair or feel helpless in the face of the turmoil of the world. We do not have to look outside ourselves for the “powers that be” to change our world.  We only have to look within and reclaim our power as co-creators.  
I recently watched a very inspiring independent documentary film Tomorrow made by two French filmmakers, Melanie Laurent and Cyril Dion, who have witnessed the turmoil and destructiveness  that surrounds us and decided to dream of making a better world for their children and for us all.  As they describe on their website: “TOMORROW is not just a film, it is the beginning of a movement seeking to encourage local communities around the world to change the way they live for the sake of our planet”.  It is a beautiful, powerful, moving and inspiring film that shows us how individually and together, we can seed the changes that will transform our world. 
As we move into the time of the Full Moon, the Full Moon is now in the sky in the stars of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, and next to Jupiter.  The Moon is just beneath the right foot of this Healer who represents the integration of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine.  He holds the key to our healing ourselves and our relationship with our planet and with the cosmos.  He is embracing and honoring the serpent, the oldest symbol of the Sacred Feminine.  The serpent is a reminder of our connection with the rhythms of the Earth and with the movements of the cycles of the cosmos.  It carries that archetypal understanding of our movement through life, death and rebirth as part of the infinity of all that is.  And it teaches us how to live on this Earth plane in connection with and honoring of the energies of Mother Earth. Serpent also shows us the power of transformation and regeneration and how to shed the skins that no longer serve us and expand into new forms and into new ways of being. 
If we, like Ophiuchus, embrace this ancient wisdom and remember who we truly are, then we can heal and come back into balance and harmony with ourselves, each other and all of life.  My friend and gifted writer, Dawn Brunke, is soon going to publish a new book, entitled “Awakening the Ancient Power of Snake: Transformation, Healing, and Enlightenment.”  This is a powerful book that guides us to deepen our understanding of and relationship with Snake and this archetype of unity consciousness that can help us to heal and move past the destructiveness of polarization and duality.  Dawn Brunke describes in depth how Snake helps us to reweave our connections with the energies of the Earth and the cosmos and to come back into a balance of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine that allows us to live in harmony with all that is.
When we attune to the wisdom of the Snake, we open, evolve and re-member our true nature and re-generate ourselves and then can re-create ourselves and our world. 
The theme of this degree of the Full Moon in the Sabian Symbols is “the revelation of archetypal form and essential rhythm of existence.”  This is about remembering our true selves, that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and that we live in web of the harmonic energies of the Earth and sky.  As we align with our soul selves, we are able to see reality in a clearer way and understand the meaning of our lives and our place in the cosmos. We open our physical eyes and our third eye to see the interconnectedness of all of life and remember that we are part of this harmony of the spheres. Then, we are able to create music that is part of this symphony of life.  We take out our ear plugs (and cell phone buds) and take our blinders off and begin to see the beauty of the Earth and sky and listen to the sounds of nature and the songs of the stars. Then, we remember the joy and creativity of being a part of this cosmic symphony, and we reclaim our true power as conscious beings and co-creators of our world. 


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. 
Margaret Mead

— Sky Watch for this Month —

Mercury– is now in the evening sky and is barely visible in the western sky just after sunset 
Venus – is a morning star and is visible in the eastern sky before sunrise
Mars– is visible low in the western sky after sunset 
Jupiter– is opposite the Sun and is in the stars of Ophiuchus and is highest in the sky at midnight
Saturn – is visible in the western sky before sunrise