New Beginnings (March/April 2017 Lunar Cycle)

By Heather Ensworth

On March 20th was the spring equinox, the time of the balance of light and dark and the movement into the season of spring.  On March 27th (at 10:58 pm EDT), we begin a new lunar cycle with the Sun and Moon in the sign of Aries.  This is the energy of cardinal fire — of new beginnings.  At the same time, we are experiencing the movement of Venus from an evening star to a morning star.  She will emerge from her merger with the Sun and begin to be visible in the eastern sky just before sunrise on April 2nd. Venus will emerge from her underworld time of transformation in the sign of Aries. This is the energy of the spiritual warrioress bringing her passion and fire into the world. 

Together, the energy of spring, of the new Moon and of Venus emerging as a morning star are highlighting how this is a time of new beginnings. We are coming out of the darkness of winter and the depths of the underworld and stepping out into the light, carrying the spark of new life and the fire of new beginnings.  The New Moon, Sun and Venus are all now in the sign of Aries. 

We are still experiencing the powerful T-square of Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter — all in cardinal signs, again signifying the energy of new beginnings.  Uranus and Pluto continue to exert their energy to call us individually and collectively into a transformational process in which we are asked to let go of old forms and open to new ways of being. Uranus is in a dance with the dwarf planet Eris/Xena. These two have been moving together since April of 2015 and will continue to be near each other for another year.  Together, they are mobilizing us to move in new directions. Uranus is about breaking free from what has restricted us and calls us to live with authenticity and to honor our uniqueness. The dwarf planet Eris/Xena represents the courage to step off the beaten path, to break out of conventional ways of being and to follow our own inner guidance and be on our own unique, creative path.  During this time, we are feeling the old patterns of the past crumbling around us.  This can feel unsettling, yet it is also profoundly liberating.  We are moving forward into the unknown, into a time of transition and mystery.  The energies of Uranus and Eris/Xena are asking us to listen to our inner guidance and to walk our own unique path.  The old maps and guidelines are of no use to us now.  We are in unfamiliar territory.  But if we trust in our inner guidance and know that we are held by energies much larger than ourselves, then we can venture forth into this adventure with curiosity and courage.

Venus can support us in this process.  She is emerging from her time in the underworld (from March 17 to April 2nd) when she went through her own death/rebirth and time of transformation.  She will emerge, rising up in the east, glowing as she is birthed from the light of the Sun, carrying the energy of Aries and of fire.  She dares to venture forth without clarity about who she is or where she is going but is trusting this energy of rebirth and her own passion.  Tune into her energy and listen to your own inner fire.  What are you passionate about?  What lights the fires of your creativity?  Dare to step forward, honoring that inner flame. Venus is guiding us to live from our hearts and to move forward with courage.  She is also empowering us to be more clear, more assertive and more true to ourselves in our relationships.  
Pluto is now next to the asteroid Juno, also heightening this theme of transformation in our closest relationships.  From now until the beginning of August, the asteroids Juno and Hygeia are close to Pluto.  This means that these months can be a time of clarity and transformation in our primary relationships.  We are called into deeper levels of truth and authenticity and guided to break out of patterns that are not in alignment with our purpose and deeper selves.  With Hygeia also moving close to Pluto, this is also a time when we may be guided in gaining more insight into health issues and empowered to heal and transform on a physical level.  
Mars is now in the part of the sky between the stars of Cetus, the whale, and Perseus the warrior.  This is a call to action but to act in a way that aligns our will with the larger energies of the cosmos.  If we work with this dynamic consciously, we will hold the wholeness of who we are (the light and dark within and the polarities around us) and act with courage and compassion.  We will let go of our ego’s desire for conquest and control and honor that we are part of a larger cosmic transformational process that is unfolding around us.  When we surrender our will to align with the energies of the cosmos, then we no longer operate out of fear or a need for control but live in the present moment in courage and in trust.  
Take time at the beginning of this lunar cycle to do a fire ceremony or to sit with a candle.  Honor your inner fire and the energies of creativity and uniqueness within you.  Call in the energy of the Sun and the fire of the Central Sun (our galactic center), aligning your inner fire with the energy of Source.  Let that light move through you, allow yourself to align with that current and trust your own inner fire and passion to guide you in how to manifest your unique part in this larger unfolding of transition and transformation.  Release any blocks or fears into the fire and pull in the transformational energies of alchemical fires of creativity and new beginnings.
We move into the time of the full Moon on April 11th (2:08 am EDT).  The Sun in Aries is now next to Uranus and close to Eris/Xena and squaring Pluto.  As we have dared to venture forth into the unknown and to open to the fire of new beginnings, we are now being supported in gaining more clarity about our path and deepening our commitment to the new ways of being.  The Full Moon is now next to Jupiter (opposite Uranus and Eris/Xena and squaring Pluto).  We are being supported in moving in new directions and opening to new possibilities.  The Full Moon and Jupiter are in the sky in the stars of Virgo near the bright star Spica.  This signifies being supported in manifesting our uniqueness and creativity in tangible ways that are nurturing to ourselves and of service to others.  
The gift of astrology is that it allows us to understand the energies that we are experiencing individually and collectively.  When we attune to the energies of the planets and stars, they will guide us and support us in the changes that we are called into.  When we work with these energies consciously, we are able to access the gifts that they bring to us — the support to transform, evolve, heal and grow in love and wisdom. If we live unconsciously, disconnecting from this wisdom, or if we act from ego or from fear, then we are apt to resist these energies and experience the shadow side of how these may manifest.  With this lunar cycle, that could mean reacting in a self-centered and reactive way (the shadow side of Aries). We might be quick to anger or feel frustrated when things don’t go the way that we want them to.  We may lash out at others and be particularly angry with those we are in primary relationship with. We may get caught up in anxiety and in a desire for certainty and control, lashing out when that is not possible.  
When we live consciously and trust in the energies of this lunar cycle, then we dare to step into the unknown, trusting in the energy of new beginnings and moving with the fires of creativity and courage.  We align our fire with the fires of Source and creation and move forward with curiosity, knowing that we are held in the alchemical fires of transformation and being empowered to add our flame to the fires of transformation and rebirth.  
We are all in the dance between living consciously and unconsciously.  Hold yourself with compassion when you fall into fear and feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty of these times.  Sit with a candle or a fire and release your fear to the fire.  Draw in the energy of the fire to fill your heart with courage and to feel your connection with the fires of the cosmos.  Take time to honor the Sun and ask the energy of the Sun to guide you and heal you.  Remember that we are all sparks of that larger fire of the life, creativity and love of the cosmos.  May we trust in that alchemical fire and let our inner fire align with that cosmic flame.

— Sky Watch for this Month —

  • Mercury– is barely visible in the evening after the sunset
  • Venus– will emerge as a morning star beginning April 2nd, rising in the east before the Sun
  • Mars– is in the western sky after sunset 
  • Jupiter– is moving into opposition with the Sun and rises in the east after sunset and stays in the sky until setting just before sunrise
  • Saturn – is visible in the morning sky shortly before sunrise and continues to be in the constellation of Ophiuchus
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