A Call for Communion and Reunion (May/June 2017 Newsletter)


By Heather Ensworth

On May 25th (at 3:44pm EDT), we begin a new lunar cycle with another super moon. This new Moon will be a strong one, affecting the tides and our emotions in a powerful way because the Moon is close to the Earth. The Sun and Moon are now in the stars of Taurus, the Bull. The Sun is in the shoulder of the Bull, near the star cluster of the Pleiades, and the New Moon is close by in the body of the Bull. This constellation was honored during the Age of Taurus when the Earth was viewed as the Sacred Mother, giving birth to all of life. At that time, we lived in communion with nature and other life forms and honored the energies of the Sacred Feminine.

The Sun and New Moon are now next to Ceres, the dwarf planet that represents the energy of Mother Earth. This dwarf planet is the largest body in the asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter. Interestingly, Ceres is of the same composition as Pluto. In Greek mythology, Ceres is Demeter, the caretaker of the Earth, whose daughter is abducted by Pluto/Hades, the god of the underworld. Demeter is overwhelmed with grief and withdraws her life-giving energies until her daughter is finally returned to her. This myth and the energies of Ceres reflect the gifts of the mother/child relationship and the ways in which we experience the Earth as our life-giving mother. The story also reflects the tragedy of loss, of death or of rupture in this profound life-affirming relationship.

This configuration in the sky is calling our attention to our relationship with the Earth. We humans have been living in a destructive relationship with Mother Earth, exploiting her, abusing her and leaving death and destruction in our wake. How we relate to the Earth is paralleled in how we relate to our bodies and how we relate to the energies of the Sacred Feminine. The destruction of nature, devaluation of woman and dissociation from our bodies is all part of that disconnection from the Earth and from the Sacred Feminine.

The Sun, New Moon and Ceres are squaring Neptune in the sky. We are being called into healing and clearing these wounds in our relationship with the Earth, with our bodies and with the Sacred Feminine. Take time in these first few days of the lunar cycle to reflect on your relationship with the Earth and with the energies of the Sacred Feminine. How do you relate to the natural world around you? Do you have a connection with the land where you live? Do you feel respect and gratitude for the animals and plants around you? Do you eat natural and organic food that has not been poisoned by toxic chemicals? Do you value taking time for rest, reflection, and nurturance of yourself and others or are you caught up in the masculine/yang energies of work, action and domination? This New Moon time is a powerful time to heal and honor your relationship with the Earth and to honor the communion of body and spirit.

This lunar cycle is also calling us to look at our thoughts and our actions. Mercury is now in the stare of Cetus, that intense part of the sky that calls us to look at ways that we get caught in dualities. Do you feel frustration and resentment with the struggles of day to day life? Do you often wish for a way to escape — through numbing or distracting yourself or through alcohol or drugs? Does your mind try to find a way to feel in control and to fend off feelings of anxiety or fear?

Integrating our spirituality and embodiment means honoring the sacred in all of life. It also means realizing that life on this planet is not separated from Spirit. We are here to grow in love and wisdom and to live life in a fluid way. Reflect on the ways that you may be caught in that destructive duality. Do you idealize transcendence and disengagement from the planet and from day to day reality? Do you believe that only what is visible and physical is real and that nothing else matters? For us to heal and to support the healing of the Earth, we need to reunite body and spirit and our physical reality with our spirituality.

Reflect on how you might move into a deeper, healing integration of body and spirit. You might take a ceremonial bath or do yoga or do a walking meditation in nature. You might thank the animals and plants who gifted you with the food that you eat each meal. You may also want to reflect on how your beliefs and values are integrated with or disconnected from your actions. This lunar cycle is also calling us to see how our actions are in alignment with our deepest beliefs and how they either bring healing or harm to the Earth, ourselves and those around us.

As we move into the time of the Full Moon on June 9th (9:09 am EDT), the Moon now lies near Saturn and is close to our view of the Galactic Center and is in the stars at the feet of Ophiuchus, the healer. Neptune continues to square both the Sun and Moon, and Ceres continues to be next to the Sun. As we reflect on how we relate to the Earth and how we are integrating our spirituality with our physical lives, this Full Moon will help us to open more fully to our intuition and connection with Spirit and to how we can manifest this integration of body and spirit in healing ways in our lives.

Mercury is now in the stars of Taurus moving closer to the Sun. We are being guided to have our thoughts more integrated with our spirituality and with our inner light. Mercury is meant to be the messenger, bringing forth our inner knowing rather than being the controlling mind which leads us to disconnection from our hearts, intuition and connection with the sacred in all of life.

The Sun and Ceres now between the horns of the Bull of Taurus. This symbolizes the way in which we are in the “horns” of a dilemma. This is a choice point. What path are we going to take? How are we living in integration or in disconnection? To continue on a path of disconnection (from Spirit, from embodiment, from the Earth and from the oneness of all that is) is to move deeper into duality and destruction. To seek healing, integration and reconnection with the Earth and with our inner unity and oneness with all of life is to move towards wholeness.

The Earth herself is guiding us in this journey. She is in her own process of evolution and transformation. When we attune to the Earth, we are guided to join her in this process of healing and transformation. We then can together join in the integration of of spirit and matter and remember our deep connection with our Earth mother.

In modern western psychology, mental health is thought to result from being on a path of separation and individuation. In this view, we find ourselves through disconnecting from our parents, and especially from our mothers, and asserting our autonomy. We then define ourselves in our capacity to separate and to see ourselves as autonomous. Sadly, this view can be destructive.

While we do need to honor the development of our individual sense of self, in truth, we develop through our relationships — with each other, with the Earth, with all of life. We then find our uniqueness and our creativity in communion and in community. Our actions then are not about asserting separation, autonomy or control but about fostering love, mutuality and respect. We then thrive in our celebration of our diversity and collaboration. The Earth and sky during this lunar cycle are calling us back into sacred remembrance and relationship and reunion. If we open to this healing path, together we can co-create a new world. If we continue to follow the path of separation, domination and disconnection, we will move more and more fully into a process of disillusion and destruction.

During this lunar cycle, the north lunar node is close to the royal star Regulus. This star gifts us with the ability to live from the heart with courage. We are being held by the guidance of the stars to move into a deeper integration of all aspects of ourselves and to come back into right relationship with the Earth and with all of life. May we open to these healing and transformational energies.

— Sky Watch for this Month —

  • Mercury– is barely visible in the evening after the sunset
  • Venus– will emerge as a morning star beginning April 2nd, rising in the east before the Sun
  • Mars– is in the western sky after sunset 
  • Jupiter– is moving into opposition with the Sun and rises in the east after sunset and stays in the sky until setting just before sunrise
  • Saturn – is visible in the morning sky shortly before sunrise and continues to be in the constellation of Ophiuchus
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