April 2016 newsletter – Opening to Truth and Freedom

On April 7th (at 7:24 am EDT), we begin a new lunar cycle as the Moon and Sun come together in the stars of Pisces. This constellation is the image of two fish, one swimming along the path of the ecliptic and the other turned upward in the sky. Pisces symbolizes the way in which we dive into the realm of emotion and our connection with Spirit and integrate this in our daily lives. As we enter this lunar cycle, we are called to open our hearts, honor our feelings, and dive into our deeper awareness and attunement with Spirit.

At the time of the New Moon, Uranus is next to the Sun and Moon, and Pluto is squaring them both. As we have discussed in previous newsletters, this Pluto/Uranus square that we all have been experiencing for the past several years is the most powerful transformational planetary combination. We are all feeling this energy of transformation at the time of the New Moon.

This is impacting us collectively and individually. We see the effects of this intense planetary combination in our current political tumult and in the turmoil that we see globally. If not worked consciously, this Pluto/Uranus square can manifest in chaotic actions or extremist views. It is a call for change, yet if we do not work with these energies with awareness, we may seek change for change’s sake or choose violence and destruction rather than transformation and constructive reform.

As Pluto and Uranus activate the New Moon in Pisces, if not worked consciously, we may also feel emotionally overwhelmed and confused or flooded with anxiety. However, if we work this configuration with awareness, we will gain clarity about our emotions and experience the expansion of our intuition and connection with Spirit. We are then able to feel held in higher consciousness and in the oneness of the cosmos.

At the individual level, this configuration is calling us into our own personal transformation. Uranus helps us to become aware of patterns and ways of being that no longer serve us, while Pluto empowers us to move through this time of transformation with courage. Uranus is next to the dwarf planet, Eris/Xena, so this is also a time when we are challenged to look at how we are meant to live in alignment with our true selves and be willing to follow our own unique path rather than conforming to others’ expectations or cultural conventions.

Uranus and Pluto are also now in aspect to Black Moon Lilith, which is opposite the Sun and New Moon. We are called to become more clear about our primary relationships and to assess whether these relationships are in balance and are truly mutual and equal. If not, we may need to reflect on how the relationship needs to change to become more mutual or whether we need to end the relationship.

Saturn and Mars continue to lie at the feet of the stars of Ophiuchus and are also in aspect (a trine) to the Sun and New Moon. We are guided by healing energy to assess what actions we need to take to be true to who we are.

This energy of Uranus that is prominent in this lunar cycle is powerful in that Uranus represents the higher octave of Mercury. Mercury reflects how we think and learn and communicate, while Uranus represents how we are able to be in alignment with divine mind or our higher consciousness. This time of the New Moon is an important time to meditate and to tune into insights or flashes of awareness that may come to us to guide us in our lives. Also, pay attention to synchronicities and guidance through dreams, through chance encounters or through the messages of our bodies and emotions.

Beneath our human minds, limited by our own experiences and thoughts, we are connected to the cosmic consciousness which surrounds us and is within us. When we drop into that deeper awareness, we are able to assess wisdom and clarity that we are not able to come to through our own thoughts and reflections. Uranus is associated with the seventh chakra and with the ways in which we are guided by and held in divine love and wisdom. If we allow ourselves to meditate and open to that guidance, we can gain clarity about what needs to change in our lives and be gifted with insights about how to live more fully in alignment with our true selves.

Uranus helps to break us out of our illusions and false beliefs. We all carry certain assumptions or beliefs based on our past experiences and ways that we have coped with pain or trauma in our lives. Uranus can shatter those false beliefs and free us from our defenses or the ways that we have limited ourselves and not been true to who we really are and who we are meant to be.

The insights or clarity that may come at the time of this New Moon may not be comfortable. It may shatter the familiar ways that we have viewed the world or the protective patterns that we have developed to feel safe in our lives. But in breaking us out of these old ways of being, Uranus helps us to see our lives in a more clear and true way and allows us to open to this time of transformation. Pluto then helps us to be willing to dive deep into the process of change and to be empowered to move into new ways of being.

On April 22nd (1:25 am EDT), we move into the time of the Full Moon. The Full Moon is now between the stars of Virgo and Libra, while the Sun is still in the stars of Pisces. The energy of this Full Moon is guiding us in how we are able to dive deep, honor our emotions, attune to our connection with Spirit and then bring our true selves into the light of awareness and into expression in our daily lives. We are also called to continue to align with the energy of Uranus and of divine mind. How are we moving beyond our tendency to view life in polarities (good/bad, right/wrong, male/female, light/dark) and expanding to see that everything is a part of the Oneness of all that is and an expression of the divine?

During this Full Moon time, Uranus is now also next to Venus, giving us more clarity about our relationships and helping us to attune to patterns that need to shift in ourselves and in our relationships to be more true to who we are and more in balance. Uranus is the archetype of the truth-teller and of daring to break free from our limited beliefs and the ways that we adapt to cultural norms or others’ expectations of us. We are called to live in truth, to follow our own unique path and to listen to the guidance of Spirit in how we need to make changes in our own lives and in how we are in relationship with others.

A point of tension at this Full Moon time is Mercury’s placement in the part of the sky that is known as “in the eye of Cetus”. Mercury lies between the stars of Perseus, the warrior, and Cetus, the whale. We are challenged to look at our thoughts and beliefs and the ways in which we get mired in our own inner conflicts or in seeing things in polarities (as good or bad, right or wrong, etc.). We are called to step out of conventional ways of thinking and seeing and to open to a higher level of consciousness.

Everything around us is in this time of profound transformation. How are we allowing ourselves to open to that energy and to release old patterns, ways we have clung to our illusion of control and security and the ways that we have conformed to fit in or feel successful in the world. How are we willing to step off the familiar “beaten path” and take risks to open to new paradigms and new patterns in our lives? How are we willing to speak our truth and act in ways that are in alignment with our true selves? Are we willing to attune to our intuition and our deeper knowing, to expand and open to the consciousness that moves through the cosmos and make choices in our lives from that way of knowing and being? If we do, this can be a liberating and exhilarating time. We allow ourselves to surrender to the energies of transformation and open to seeing life with the eyes of Spirit, of divine consciousness. We then feel the freedom to move in new directions without fully knowing our destination and allow ourselves to be in the mystery and not knowing, guided moment by moment by Spirit.

Uranus represents the energy of alignment with divine mind, of enlightenment. It shatters our sense of separation — from others, from Spirit, from our true selves — and opens us to the awareness that that sense of peace and deeper consciousness that we long for is not something we have to attain but is already within us. We drop beneath the garb of our cultural context and the costumes and coping mechanisms of our personalities into a place of clarity, stillness and knowing. We then experience the freedom that comes from the deep sense of alignment and unity with Spirit and with our truth within us.

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