Integrating Duality

Integrating Duality

By Heather Ensworth

On June 8th (11:55 AM EDT), we move into a new lunar cycle.  In the tropical zodiac chart, the New Moon is part of a stellium in Gemini, honoring the energy of the Twins who represent the polarity of light and dark within ourselves and in the world.  If we look to the sky, it is Mercury and Venus who are actually in the stars of Gemini with Jupiter and the Sun and New Moon falling in the horns of the Bull of Taurus.  All of these luminaries and planets are extended over the constellation, Orion.  Orion is one of the most visible and profound constellations in our sky and, as Osiris in Egyptian mythology, is the first archetypal image of the God who dies and is reborn.

Last month, we experienced a solar and lunar eclipse, giving us this dance of light and dark and of death/rebirth.  Now this is signaled to us again with the emphasis on Orion in this lunar cycle.  Orion lies in the sky opposite the Galactic Center.  The Galactic Center is the black hole at the center of our galaxy and the womb from which all of the stars and planets of our galaxy have been birthed.  This is the Great Mother, the Goddess, the Source of all that is in our galaxy.  Standing opposite her in the sky is the God figure, Orion.  Orion and the Galactic Center symbolize that balance of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine that we are called to remember and re-integrate.


Jupiter lies near the Sun and Moon and encourages us to look at our beliefs and to birth new ways of believing and seeing our lives.  Black Mean Lilith, symbolizing equality and mutuality in our relationships, is also near the New Moon and reminds us to live in balance and in mutual respect with others.


We continue to feel the power of the transformational Uranus-Pluto square during this lunar cycle.  Now the energies of Uranus and Pluto are targeting Mercury and Venus, asking us to honor the light and dark in our thoughts and values and in how we relate to others.   Mercury and Venus are also in a grand trine with Saturn and Neptune and Chiron.  We may feel a tension between ways we are trying to be clear and structured (Saturn) in our thoughts and relationships and ways in which we feel Neptune dissolving our boundaries.  We may experience memory difficulties or the dissolving of fixed ways of thinking that we have held in the past.  We may also find ourselves more tuned into others and feel more “thin-skinned” and impacted by the feelings of those around us.  With Pluto opposite these planets, we may find ourselves in conflicts or power struggles with others around the time of the New Moon.  If this occurs, look to yourself and what you may be projecting on to others.  This is a time to see more clearly the light and dark qualities in ourselves rather than splitting off parts of ourselves and reacting to them in others.


On June 21st, a few days before the Full Moon, we experience the summer solstice and the longest day of the year.  This is a time to honor the energy of the Sun and the light that is bringing life to our gardens and filling us with the joy and energy of the sunlight.

On June 23rd, we move into the time of the Full Moon.  The Sun and Jupiter are now poised near the upraised hand of Osiris/Orion near the feet of the Twins, Gemini.  The Full Moon is opposite in the sky near the Galactic Center.  Again, we are encouraged to integrate the polarities within us of light and dark, the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine.  The Full Moon lies near Pluto in the sky and is squared by Uranus.  The Sun continues to be near Jupiter and Lilith and is now also opposite Pluto and squaring Uranus.  This Full Moon may stir up a lot of emotions for us and may feel turbulent.  We may feel that things are shifting and transforming within us and in our world.  It is important to trust in these shifts and to understand that these planetary energies are encouraging us to heal and to let go of patterns that no longer serve us.  We can trust that we like Osiris/Orion are going through our own death and rebirth.


With Lilith next to the Sun and targeted by the energy of Pluto and Uranus, our close personal relationships continue to be a focus during this lunar cycle.  Lilith stands for the importance of balance, equality and respect in our intimate love relationships.  If our relationships are out of balance, we may feel angry or feel the impulse to leave.  Lilith symbolizes the importance of honoring the masculine and feminine energies within each one of us and in how we hold those energies in balance in our relationships. It also signifies using discernment to be in partnership with someone who has also done that work and can meet us in true mutuality. When we live in  right relationship and move beyond polarization, then we can experience the full beauty of intimacy and sacred sexuality.  Lilith also calls us to honor the feminine energy within ourselves and to stand firm against any form of violence against women or devaluation of the feminine in the world.


When we move beyond the polarities and find that balance of the light and dark and of the masculine and feminine, we are in the sacred dance of the Goddess and the God.  We understand the beauty of intimacy and the energy of creation.  We then join in the joyful dance of life and of unity and diversity that we see coming into fullness in the natural world all around us in the fullness of the sunlight of the summer.


In these newsletters, I weave together both the western tropical zodiac (of our patriarchal period) and visual astrology (looking at the placements of the planets in the stars and remembering the pre-patriarchal meanings of these constellations).

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