Seeding and Growing New Ways of Being

Seeding and Growing New Ways of Being

By Heather Ensworth – April 2010
On April 14th, we move into a new lunar cycle of the “Seed” or “Flower”Moon. For many months now, we have been experiencing the transformational influence of the ongoing Chiron/Neptune conjunction and the Uranus/Saturn opposition.

This is a time to step into our deeper intuitive knowing of who we are and who we are meant to be. This is the time when we can open to the alchemical magic of the lead becoming gold, of our personalities dissolving to open to our soul’s true purpose.  As we have discussed in previous newsletters, the archetypal energy of the Chiron/Neptune combination is to help us to dissolve and release emotional and karmic wounds in order to step more fully into our authentic selves. The Uranus/Saturn opposition represents the tension between our efforts to move into new ways of being and our longing to cling to old, familiar patterns that give us a sense (albeit illusory) of security and stability. These configurations are profoundly involved with our New Moon, which occurs in Aries, on April 14th at 8:30am EST.

This New Moon time is an opening, a portal, to begin to see the integration of our inner work across these past months move into outer manifestations. As we have opened to the transformative energies of Chiron/Neptune and Uranus/Saturn and have worked to dissolve old constricting patterns and fears, we now may begin to see the fruits of this healing process. This is a time when we may experience flashes of insight and changes in our core beliefs that seed the new forms that will emerge.

This New Moon is in a supportive aspect (sextile) to the Chiron/Neptune combination and is in a yod with Saturn (which is in opposition to Uranus). A yod is a profound configuration that calls us to work through and integrate challenging inner tensions, frustrations or conflicts in order to find the true expression of our deeper selves. With Saturn in Virgo as the focal point of the yod, this is an opportunity to find new forms, new patterns of being, that are in service to our true purpose and of service to those around us. With Saturn in opposition to Uranus, this is the time to seed or begin to experience the new forms that Uranus (through flashes of insight, intuition or transformative, sudden events) has called us into.

Uranus is moving into its square with Pluto, which will intensify across the spring. This configuration is about profound transformation at an individual and collective level and will reshape how we view and use power as individuals as well as collectively. Uranus is now in a conjunction with Jupiter. This is a potential combination that signals a time of forming new beliefs, new ways of perceiving our lives and of opening to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. This combination historically is associated with creative breakthroughs in philosophy, science and the arts. In that it is occurring in the time of the Pluto/Uranus square, we may also see it manifesting in radical shifts in societal political views or in power dynamics and structures.

For us as individuals, if we have not been opening to the healing and transformative energies of these Chiron/Neptune and Uranus/Saturn aspects across the past months, this New Moon time may evoke inner conflicts and tensions between our urge to feel in control of our lives and our increasing sense of anxiety as everything is in flux around us. This is not a time to cling to illusions of control, but rather to open to the changes that are already occurring within us and outside of us.
In the sky, this theme is echoed in the placement of the New Moon as it visually falls in the constellation of Pisces between the two fish. The stars of one fish swimalong the ecliptic, while the other fish swims off in a vertical manner. Archetypally, the meaning of Pisces in relation to its polarity, Virgo, is about how we integrate our connection with Spirit with our day-to-day lives. It represents the way in which we are called to live out our soul’s purpose in an embodied way.

As the New Moon seeds this inner knowing and opens us to insights as to new ways of being, the Full Moon assists us in taking in and solidifying our understanding of the new forms and activates the way in which we are meant to express these new forms in our actions. The Full Moon in Scorpio is about deepening our emotional and inner knowing as to who we are and who we are becoming. This Full Moon is a time when our minds, hearts and our actions are able to integrate and find expression in a creative manner. This is when we may begin to solidify or act on the new forms. Pluto at this time lies close to the North lunar node and is in aspect to the Sun and Moon and is empowering us to listen to our soul’s purpose and to act in ways that our in alignment with our inner knowing in bringing our gifts out into the world. The Sun and Moon are also in aspect to Mars (in Leo) which assists us in moving into action in creative ways that are an expression of our true selves.

The challenging configuration at the time of the Full Moon is a configuration in which Venus is at the apex of a yod with Pluto and the Moon. What does this mean? In a positive sense, it means that if we are in alignment with our soul’s purpose, this is a time in which we feel a deepening in our emotional understanding of ourselves and how to communicate who we are in our relationships. If we are not being true to our deeper selves, this Full Moontime may be a time when we feel insecure and in conflict with how to act and how to express ourselves. It may also be a time of tension in our relationships, and our fears and insecurities in our close relationships may be activated. The challenge then is to take time to listen to our inner knowing and to explore what we are feeling and what we may be acting on or projecting from unresolved unconscious or karmic issues and then to open more consciously and fully to the transformative energies of Pluto and to the healing and dissolving energies that Chiron and Neptune bring to us.

The core theme of this lunar cycle: As we allow what needs to dissolve to be released, we find our purpose and path and are able to act in creative ways that are grounded in honoring our inner truth and in living in right relationship with others and with all of life.


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